[Bug 3350] missing codebase attribute may casue NPE in ALACA dialogue

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Thu Apr 6 16:43:40 UTC 2017


--- Comment #17 from stefan at kemtrak.com ---
(In reply to JiriVanek from comment #14)

> btw - you can (imho) fix this whole thing by using codebase="." in jnlp
> file. All troubles should disappear.

I have done that and tested on all Platforms. Same as before works on all
platforms but still not on IcedTea.
This time it loads the main class, I have also made a fallback for line 618 as
you suggested (even though on my runs it does not fail on 618, I still think
your suggestion was legit)

now on IcedTea it fails on a part of the code where I error-check if I can load
classes from the second jar, jcalendar.jar.

So bugged not solved yet. Or maybe not completely solved.

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