[Bug 3520] [IcedTea8] Backport "8194739: Zero port of 8174962: Better interface invocations"

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Thu Feb 15 21:41:09 UTC 2018


--- Comment #3 from hg commits <mercurial at icedtea.classpath.org> ---
author: Andrew John Hughes <gnu_andrew at member.fsf.org>
date: Thu Feb 15 20:31:31 2018 +0000

    Bump to icedtea-3.7.0.

    Upstream changes:
      - PR3519: Fix functions with missing return value.
      - PR3519: Fix further functions with a missing return value.
      - PR3526: configure fails to parse GCC version
      - S6515172: Runtime.availableProcessors() ignores Linux taskset command
      - S7155957: closed/java/awt/MenuBar/MenuBarStress1/MenuBarStress1.java
hangs on win 64 bit with jdk8
      - S7167293: FtpURLConnection connection leak on FileNotFoundException
      - S7172652: With JDK 1.7 text field does not obtain focus when using
mnemonic Alt/Key combin
      - S8029659: Keytool, print key algorithm of certificate or key entry
      - S8035105: DNS provider cleanups
      - S8035568: [macosx] Cursor management unification
      - S8038348: Instance field load is replaced by wrong data Phi
      - S8043913: remove legacy code in SPARC's VM_Version::platform_features
      - S8049717: expose L1_data_cache_line_size for diagnostic/sanity checks
      - S8057810: New defaults for DSA keys in jarsigner and keytool
      - S8058316: lookupDefaultPrintService returns null on Solaris 11
      - S8061258: [macosx] PrinterJob's native Print Dialog does not reflect
specified Copies or Page Ranges
      - S8072452: Support DHE sizes up to 8192-bits and DSA sizes up to
      - S8075484: SocketInputStream.socketRead0 can hang even with soTimeout
      - S8075516: Deleting a file from either the open or save
java.awt.FileDialog hangs.
      - S8076249: NPE in AccessBridge while editing JList model
      - S8076554: [macosx] Custom Swing text components need to allow standard
      - S8079595: Resizing dialog which is JWindow parent makes JVM crash
      - S8130769: The new menu can't be shown on the menubar after clicking the
"Add" button.
      - S8134119: Use new API to get cache line sizes
      - S8134389: Crash in HotSpot with jvm.dll+0x42b48
      - S8137255: sun/security/provider/NSASuiteB/TestDSAGenParameterSpec.java
timeouts intermittently
      - S8140353: Improve signature checking
      - S8140436: Negotiated Finite Field Diffie-Hellman Ephemeral Parameters
for TLS
      - S8145207: [macosx] JList, VO can't access non-visible list items
      - S8147842: IME Composition Window is displayed at incorrect location
      - S8147910: Cache initial active_processor_count
      - S8148108: Disable Diffie-Hellman keys less than 1024 bits
      - S8148421: Transport Layer Security (TLS) Session Hash and Extended
Master Secret Extension
      - S8152981: Double icons with JMenuItem setHorizontalTextPosition on Win
      - S8154015: Apply algorithm constraints to timestamped code
      - S8154344: sun/security/pkcs11/KeyAgreement/SupportedDHKeys.java fails
on solaris
      - S8155690: Update libPNG library to the latest up-to-date
      - S8156502: Use short name of SupportedEllipticCurvesExtension.java
      - S8157184: java/lang/invoke/LFCaching/LFMultiThreadCachingTest.java
failed with a fatal error
      - S8157548: JVM crashes sometimes while starting
      - S8158116:
com/sun/crypto/provider/KeyAgreement/SupportedDHParamGens.java failed with
      - S8158517: Minor optimizations to ISO10126PADDING
      - S8158639: C2 compilation fails with SIGSEGV
      - S8158997: JNDI Protocols Switch
      - S8159035: CTSMode.java test crashed due to unhandled case of cipher
length value as 0
      - S8159058: SAXParseException when sending soap message
      - S8159240: XSOM parser incorrectly processes type names with whitespaces
      - S8159377: JMX Connections need white-list filters
      - S8160104: CORBA communication improvements
      - S8160696: IllegalArgumentException: adding a component to a container
on a different GraphicsDevice
      - S8161195: Regression: closed/javax/swing/text/FlowView/LayoutTest.java
      - S8161571: Verifying ECDSA signatures permits trailing bytes
      - S8161598: Kitchensink fails: assert(nm->insts_contains(original_pc))
failed: original PC must be in nmethod/CompiledMethod
      - S8161993: G1 crashes if active_processor_count changes during startup
      - S8162461: Hang due to JNI up-call made whilst holding JNI critical lock
      - S8162795: [REDO] MemberNameTable doesn't purge stale entries
      - S8163237: Restrict the use of EXPORT cipher suites
      - S8163520: Reuse cache entries
      - S8163528: Better library loading
      - S8163889: [macosx] Can't print from browser on Mac OS X
      - S8163958: Improved garbage collection
      - S8163979: [macosx] Chinese text shows as Latin w/ openVanilla input
      - S8164002: Add a new CPU family (S_family) for SPARC S7 and above
      - S8164119: MoveToOtherScreenTest fails due wrong key attribute
      - S8164293: HotSpot leaking memory in long-running requests
      - S8164908: ReflectionFactory support for IIOP and custom serialization
      - S8165153: Crash in rebuild_cpu_to_node_map
      - S8165230: RMIConnection addNotificationListeners failing with specific
      - S8165344: Update concurrency support
      - S8165367: Additional tests for JEP 288: Disable SHA-1 Certificates
      - S8165482: java in ldoms, with cpu-arch=generic has problems
      - S8165543: Better window framing
      - S8165626: Improved window framing
      - S8165829: Android Studio 2.x crashes with NPE at
      - S8165996, PR3506: PKCS11 using NSS throws an error regarding secmod.db
when NSS uses sqlite
      - S8166362: [TEST_BUG] test sun/net/www/http/HttpClient/B8025710.java
failing with cert error in 8u121 b01
      - S8166393: disabledAlgorithms property should not be strictly parsed
      - S8166988: Improve image processing performance
      - S8167102: [macosx] PrintRequestAttributeSet breaks page size set using
      - S8167104: Additional class construction refinements
      - S8167110: Windows peering issue
      - S8167179: Make XSL generated namespace prefixes local to transformation
      - S8167223: URL handling improvements
      - S8167228: Update to libpng 1.6.28
      - S8167356: Follow up fix for jdk8 backport of 8164143. Changes for
CMenuComponent.m were missed
      - S8167472: Chrome interop regression with JDK-8148516
      - S8168699: Validate special case invocations
      - S8168705: Better ObjectIdentifier validation
      - S8168714: Tighten ECDSA validation
      - S8168724: ECDSA signing improvments
      - S8168728: DSA signing improvments
      - S8168861: AnchorCertificates uses hardcoded password for cacerts
      - S8168914: Crash in ClassLoaderData/JNIHandleBlock::oops_do during
concurrent marking
      - S8168963: Backout JDK-8154005
      - S8169011: Resizing XML parse trees
      - S8169026: Handle smartcard clean up better
      - S8169072: Backout JDK-8154015
      - S8169191: (tz) Support tzdata2016i
      - S8169209: Improved image post-processing steps
      - S8169392: Additional jar validation steps
      - S8169465: Deadlock in com.sun.jndi.ldap.pool.Connections
      - S8169589: [macosx] Activating a JDialog puts to back another dialog
      - S8169688: Backout (remove) MD5 from jdk.jar.disabledAlgorithms for
January CPU
      - S8169944: sun/security/tools tests fail with CompilationError
      - S8169966: Larger AWT menus
      - S8170131: Certificates not being blocked by jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms
      - S8170157: Enable unlimited cryptographic policy by default in OracleJDK
      - S8170218: Improved Font Metrics
      - S8170222: Better transfers of files
      - S8170245: [TEST_BUG] Cipher tests fail when running with unlimited
      - S8170307: Stack size option -Xss is ignored
      - S8170316: (tz) Support tzdata2016j
      - S8170523, PR3506: Some PKCS11 test cases are ignored with security
      - S8170814: Reuse cache entries (part II)
      - S8170888: [linux] Experimental support for cgroup memory limits in
container (ie Docker) environments
      - S8170911: 8170823 changes in 8u131 causing signature-test failure in
jck runtime8b suite
      - S8170950: Text is displayed in bold when fonts are installed into
symlinked folder
      - S8170966: Right parenthesis issue
      - S8171121: Enhancing jar checking
      - S8171252: Improve exception checking
      - S8171262: Stability fixes for lcms
      - S8171319: keytool should print out warnings when reading or generating
cert/cert req using weak algorithms
      - S8171388: Update JNDI Thread contexts
      - S8171533: Better email transfer
      - S8171539: Better script accessibility for JavaScript
      - S8171808: Performance problems in dialogs with large tables when JAB
      - S8171949: [macosx] AWT_ZoomFrame Automated tests fail with error: The
bitwise mask Frame.ICONIFIED is not setwhen the frame is in ICONIFIED state
      - S8171952: [macosx]
AWT_Modality/Automated/ModalExclusion/NoExclusion/ModelessDialog test fails as
DummyButton on Dialog did not gain focus when clicked.
      - S8172204: Better Thread Pool execution
      - S8172297: In java 8, the marshalling with JAX-WS does not escape
carriage return
      - S8172299: Improve class processing
      - S8172461: Service Registration Lifecycle
      - S8172465: Better handling of channel groups
      - S8172469: Transform Transformer Exceptions
      - S8172525: Improve key keying case
      - S8173145: Menu is activated after using mnemonic Alt/Key combination
      - S8173207: Upgrade compression library
      - S8173286: Better reading of text catalogs
      - S8173631: Backout three hotspot fixes from 8u121-bpr repo
      - S8173654: Regression since 8u60: System.getenv doesn't return env var
set in JNI code
      - S8173697: Less Active Activations
      - S8173770: Image conversion improvements
      - S8173783: IllegalArgumentException: jdk.tls.namedGroups
      - S8174098: Better image fetching
      - S8174105: Better naming attribution
      - S8174109: DoS on deserializing of collections
      - S8174113: Better sourcing of code
      - S8174756: Extra validation for public keys
      - S8174770: Check registry registration location
      - S8174844: Incorrect GPL header causes RE script to miss swap to
commercial header for licensee source bundle
      - S8174873: Improved certificate procesing
      - S8174962: Better interface invocations
      - S8174966: Unreferenced references
      - S8174985: NTLM authentication doesn't work with IIS if NTLM cache is
      - S8175106: Higher quality DSA operations
      - S8175110: Higher quality ECDSA operations
      - S8175251: Failed to load RSA private key from pkcs12
      - S8175932: Improve host instance supports
      - S8175940: More certificate subject checking
      - S8176044: (tz) Support tzdata2017a
      - S8176055: JMX diagnostic improvements
      - S8176067: Proper directory lookup processing
      - S8176458: Revise default document styling
      - S8176536: Improved algorithm constraints checking
      - S8176731: JCK tests in api/javax_xml/transform/ spec conformance
started failing after 8172469
      - S8176751: Better URL connections
      - S8176760: Better handling of PKCS8 material
      - S8176769: Remove accidental spec change in jdk8u
      - S8177144: [TEST BUG] sun/net/www/http/HttpClient/B8025710.java should
run in ovm mode
      - S8177449: (tz) Support tzdata2017b
      - S8177569: keytool should not warn if signature algorithm used in
cacerts is weak
      - S8177750: Forgot TestSocketFactory testcase in 8163958 changeset
      - S8177817: Remove assertions in 8u that were removed by 8056124 in 9.
      - S8178135: Additional elliptic curve support
      - S8178449: Improve LDAP logins
      - S8178458: Better use of certificates in LDAP
      - S8178466: Better RSA parameters
      - S8178714: PKIX validator nameConstraints check failing after change
      - S8178728: Check the AlgorithmParameters in algorithm constraints
      - S8178794: Correct Kerberos ticket grants
      - S8179101: Improve algorithm constraints implementation
      - S8179223: Integrate 8176490 into 8u131-bpr repo
      - S8179423: 2 security tests started failing for JDK 1.6.0 u161 b05
      - S8179536: Cleaner print job handling
      - S8179564: Missing @bug for tests added with JDK-8165367
      - S8179990: Cleaner palette entry handling
      - S8179998: Clear certificate chain connections
      - S8180011: Cleaner native graphics device handling
      - S8180015: Cleaner AWT robot handling
      - S8180020: Improve SymbolHashMap entry handling
      - S8180024: Improve construction of objects during deserialization
      - S8180048: Interned string and symbol table leak memory during parallel
      - S8180433: Cleaner CLR invocation handling
      - S8180660: missing LNT entry for finally block
      - S8180711: Better invokespecial checks
      - S8180877: More deeply colored ICC spaces
      - S8181048: Refactor existing providers to refer to the same constants
for default values for key length
      - S8181100: Better Base Exceptions
      - S8181192: [macos] javafx.print.PrinterJob.showPrintDialog() hangs on
      - S8181323: Better timezone processing
      - S8181327: Better X processing
      - S8181370: Better keystore handling
      - S8181420: PPC: Image conversion improvements
      - S8181432: Better processing of unresolved permissions
      - S8181439: Test the jdk.tls.namedGroups System Property
      - S8181597: Process Proxy presentation
      - S8181612: More stable connection processing
      - S8181664: Improve JVM UTF String handling
      - S8181670: Improve implementation of keystores
      - S8181692: Update storage implementations
      - S8181975: Run sun/security/pkcs11 tests on Mac
      - S8182054: Improve wsdl support
      - S8182125: Improve reliability of DNS lookups
      - S8182387: Improve PKCS usage
      - S8182601: Improve usage messages
      - S8182614: Backout JDK-8140436 from 8u161
      - S8182879: Add warnings to keytool when using JKS and JCEKS
      - S8183028: Improve CMS header processing
      - S8183939: Import JDK-8182672 into 8u141-bpr repo
      - S8184016: Text in native popup is not always updated with Sogou IME
      - S8184185: Rearrange MethodHandle arrangements
      - S8184673: Fix compatibility issue in AlgorithmChecker for 3rd party JCE
      - S8184682: Upgrade compression library
      - S8184937: LCMS error 13: Couldn't link the profiles
      - S8184993: Jar file verification failing with SecurityException: digest
missing xxx
      - S8185039: Incorrect GPL header causes RE script to miss swap to
commercial header for licensee source bundle
      - S8185040: Incorrect GPL header causes RE script to miss swap to
commercial header for licensee source bundle
      - S8185292: Stricter key generation
      - S8185325: Improve GTK initialization
      - S8185572: Enable AssumeMP by default on SPARC machines
      - S8185628: Backport jdk/test/lib/testlibrary/CompilerUtils.java to jdk8u
which is helpful in test development
      - S8185719: rmi TestSocketFactory does not flush
      - S8185845: Add SecurityTools.java test library
      - S8185909: Disable JARs signed with DSA keys less than 1024 bits
      - S8186080: Transform XML interfaces
      - S8186212: Improve GSS handling
      - S8186539: [testlibrary] TestSocketFactory should allow triggers before
      - S8186600: Improve property negotiations
      - S8186606: Improve LDAP lookup robustness
      - S8186699: Clean up extra Derby files
      - S8186867: Improve native glyph layouts
      - S8186998: Improve JMX supportive features
      - S8187482: Backout JDK-8159377
      - S8187556: Backout of a fix reintroduced a dependency that had since
been removed
      - S8187667, PR3517: Disable deprecation warning for readdir_r
      - S8188880: A JAXB JCK test failure found after 8186080
      - S8189284: More refactoring for deserialization cases
      - S8189789, PR3530: tomcat gzip-compressed response bodies appear to be
broken in update 151
      - S8190258: (tz) Support tzdata2017c
      - S8190259: test tck.java.time.zone.TCKZoneRules is broken by tzdata2017c
      - S8190266: closed/java/awt/ComponentOrientation/WindowTest.java throws
      - S8190289: More refactoring for client deserialization cases
      - S8190449: sun/security/pkcs11/KeyPairGenerator/TestDH2048.java fails on
Solaris x64 5.10
      - S8190497: DHParameterSpec.getL() returns zero after JDK-8072452
      - S8190541: 8u161 L10n resource file update
      - S8190789:
fails after JDK-8186606
      - S8191137: keytool fails to format resource strings for keys for some
languages after JDK-8171319
      - S8191142: More refactoring for naming deserialization cases
      - S8191340: 8ux linux builds failing -
com.sun.org.apache.xalan.internal.xsltc.trax.TransformerFactoryImpl (unknown
      - S8191352: Remove 8u161-b07 and 8u162-b07 tag to include 8191340 for b07
      - S8191907: PPC64 part of JDK-8174962: Better interface invocations
      - S8192793: 8u161 L10n resource file update md20
      - S8193133, PR3519: Assertion failure because 0xDEADDEAD can be in-heap
      - S8193683: Increase the number of clones in the CloneableDigest
      - S8194686, PR3519: AArch64 port of 8174962: Better interface invocations
      - S8194739, PR3520: Zero port of 8174962: Better interface invocations
      - S8194828, PR3520: Fix for 8194739: Zero port of 8174962: Better
interface invocations
      - S8195837, PR3522: (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2018c
      - S8195859, PR3519: AArch64: vtableStubs gtest fails after 8174962
      - S8196136, PR3519: AArch64: Correct register use in patch for
      - S8196221, PR3519: AArch64: Mistake in committed patch for JDK-8195859
      - S8196516, PR3523: [REDO] [linux] libfontmanager should be linked
against headless awt library
      - S8196978, PR3517: JDK-8187667 fails on GCC 4.4.7 as found on RHEL 6


    2018-02-15  Andrew John Hughes  <gnu_andrew at member.fsf.org>

        Bump to icedtea-3.7.0.
        * Makefile.am,
        (JDK_UPDATE_VERSION): Bump to 156.
        (BUILD_VERSION): Set to b12.
        (CORBA_CHANGESET): Update to icedtea-3.7.0 tag.
        (JAXP_CHANGESET): Likewise.
        (JAXWS_CHANGESET): Likewise.
        (JDK_CHANGESET): Likewise.
        (LANGTOOLS_CHANGESET): Likewise.
        (OPENJDK_CHANGESET): Likewise.
        (NASHORN_CHANGESET): Likewise.
        (CORBA_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        (JAXP_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        (JAXWS_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        (JDK_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        (LANGTOOLS_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        (OPENJDK_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        (NASHORN_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        (ICEDTEA_PATCHES): Add copies of PR3517 patches for AArch32 &
        Shenandoah, and PR3519 patches for Shenandoah (no AArch64 port
        in AArch32 tree).
        * NEWS: Updated.
        * configure.ac: Bump to 3.7.0.
        * hotspot.map.in: Update to icedtea-3.7.0 tag.
        * patches/hotspot/aarch32/8187667-pr3517-readdir_r.patch,
        * patches/hotspot/aarch32/8196978-pr3517-gcc_4_pragmas.patch:
        Symlinked to Shenandoah versions.
        * patches/hotspot/shenandoah/8187667-pr3517-readdir_r.patch,
        * patches/hotspot/shenandoah/8196978-pr3517-gcc_4_pragmas.patch,
        * patches/hotspot/shenandoah/pr3519-return_value-01.patch,
        * patches/hotspot/shenandoah/pr3519-return_value-02.patch:
        Add Shenandoah patches for latest HotSpot updates.
        * patches/pr2126.patch,
        * patches/rh1022017.patch:
        Fix file paths due to 8156502 dropping 'Supported' from the
        front of 'SupportedEllipticCurvesExtension.java'

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