[rfc][icedtea-web] reworked showDocument api

Jiri Vanek jvanek at redhat.com
Mon Oct 8 16:32:45 UTC 2018


I recently got bug report, that: getAppletContext().showDocument ; do not work.
So I looked to ITW and   * Not implemented yet. ; or eve worse, just empty method.
SoI looked to direct repalcement -BasicService, and got even more scared. That call was 20years old....

Generally the patch do following:
  - enabling getAppletContext().showDocument by using XBasicService instance
  - using Desktop.getDesktop().browse isntead of that magic which was there
  - keeping backward compatibility with old BROWSER and  deployment.browser.path
    -  muhehe, you can use also curl or so....
  - added documentation a bit
  - adding headless support (yeah, via lynx, or curl...) in this issue
   - note, that headless support is about 5 lines, so it is overhead I like
  - making saving functionality useful
  - supporting $PATH for validator, but not enforcing it.
  - added test for getAppletContext().showDocument
   - missing test for service and its uage

I do not expect deep review, so I will push in few days if it do not get any reply.
Due to nature of the bug, I will backport also to 1.7

Jiri Vanek
Senior QE engineer, OpenJDK QE lead, Mgr.
Red Hat Czech
jvanek at redhat.com    M: +420775390109
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