icedtea-web compatible with OpenJDK11

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Thu Sep 6 15:51:02 UTC 2018


Only few comments below:

For the EDT pathc, I'm unable to decide if it could affect security. ITW
> have some 1800 integration
> tests, to check sandbox. I was not running that since Firefox removed
> NPAPI, but I think it is
> worthy to reincarnate them again. I will definitely require myself [read
> I, jvanek will do it] to
> run the wholes suite on both head and 1.7. Ideally both before and after
> pushes

I do not think my patch can cause Security issue, but who knows. I
preserved the sandbox and my Swingutils only relays Swing operations for
ITW dialogs to the Main EDT; the JNLP Application stays within its
classloader, thread group and its own EDT, so isolation is correct for me.

> > By the way, the control panel is great and it would be wonderful to open
> it via 'javaws -viewer'
> > (like O... jdk) or any other option.
> Should be doable. Will try it.
> added:

Excellent, it is trivial !

> >
> > Another issue I could do: JNLPClassLoader does many useless
> class/resouce download queries if many
> > child loaders are in action... let's see later.
> Is it really so bad? Hmm. Worthy of reproducer.

Yes ITW startup time (vs O... javaws) is far slower on my Aspro2 app when
the application is starting:
It uses several <extensions/> (5 modules like) and has more than 30 jars.

In the debug log (see attached file), you can see tons of HTTP request
(class loader delegation) that 'attacks' our server (in parallel) and slows
down the startup (404). Of course, all these queries are useless as classes
are within pre-loaded jar files.

For example:
Starting application ...
Invoking main() with args: []
Selecting proxy for:
Selected proxies: [DIRECT]
Selecting proxy for:
Selected proxies: [DIRECT]
Selecting proxy for:
Selected proxies: [DIRECT]
Selecting proxy for:
Selected proxies: [DIRECT]

So it looks like ITW tries first http queries if the class/resource is not
available in the jar (from classloader or jar), then delegates to another
class loader.
Maybe having a global index or a first pass through loaded jar files, would
speed up and minimize the http queries sent and the workload induced on our
HTTP server (404 errors).

> > I tested linux shell scripts and only windows command line (derived from
> linux CLI). It works also
> > on mac (latest update) with ojdk11-28.
> Wou. Never tried mac before! That is making some complications to the
> native launchers. No mac around:(

I have a mac at work in my desk to test our apps, so it applies for ITW
tests :)

> > As I only worked on 1.7 code base, I could use webrev or just patches.
> > Do you prefer me to rebase on the bleeding edge repo ?
> Yes please. It will be important to push and test first to head.
> But I do nto mind to finish review on 1.7 and adapt afterwards.

Let's go on with the iced-tea 1.7 review.
I could help later to rebase / merge with HEAD.

 > My scientific users are mainly linux/mac addicts.

> Argh. Mac again.  That is area someone else will have to investigate.  I
> have never touched that,
> nor do have any experience in support.
> Mac can not live with untared binary?

I mainly installed openjdk-11.tar.gz & my built itw as zip and just fixed
few paths in javaws shell (JAVA_HOME). It rocks !
Somebody else in the community could work on an openjdk installer + ITW
desktop integration (icons as xdg-create-icons does not work and JNLP
mime-type association) = out of scope.

Once those few fixes are in, I think you will wish 1.7.2 release. I can
> definitely do it, and there
> landed few more good patches in past, and 1.8 is still far from release.

Let's focus then on iced-tea 1.7 (patches).

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