icedtea-web compatible with OpenJDK11

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Thank you for sharing your feedback on windows, here is my experience:

I built itw 1.7 without plugin with openjdk8 & tested my apps on linux with
Note: I hacked Makefile to generate both linux & win launcher scripts and
install it in itw/install folder, not in usual linux paths.

FYI my apps are compatible with java 7. I never tested an application
needing java 9+ or specific jdk11 feature or jigsaw args.
( it would be great to test an OpenJFX11 app... needing jfx11 modules.)

I modified to enable JIGSAW and print out the complete java
command line, as the bash script is jigsaw aware, not the windows batch.

Then I moved to windows with my own itw package as a zip file (netx.jar +
shell script), available at:

It is very minimal but worked on linux/win & mac !

On windows, I just fixed the java command line (got on linux).

It is simplified as it only works with -Xnofork (can not restart ITW itself
for now).

SET ITW=C:\Users\bourgesl\Desktop\icedtea\install\install  # icedtea-web
PATH (netx, splashscreen)
SET JAVA_HOME=C:\Users\bourgesl\Desktop\icedtea\jdk-11 # openjdk11 PATH

%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java -splash:%ITW%\share\icedtea-web\javaws_splash.png
-Xbootclasspath/a:%ITW%\share\icedtea-web\netx.jar -Xms8m --patch-module
java.desktop=%ITW%\share\icedtea-web\netx.jar --add-reads
java.base=ALL-UNNAMED,java.desktop --add-reads
java.desktop=ALL-UNNAMED,java.naming --add-reads
java.naming=ALL-UNNAMED,java.desktop --add-exports
java.desktop/sun.awt=ALL-UNNAMED,java.desktop --add-exports
java.desktop/javax.jnlp=ALL-UNNAMED,java.desktop --add-exports
java.base/,java.desktop --add-exports
java.base/,java.desktop --add-exports
java.base/,java.desktop --add-exports
java.base/jdk.internal.util.jar=ALL-UNNAMED,java.desktop --add-exports
java.base/,java.desktop --add-exports
--add-exports java.base/,java.desktop
--add-exports java.desktop/sun.awt.X11=ALL-UNNAMED,java.desktop
--add-exports java.naming/com.sun.jndi.toolkit.url=ALL-UNNAMED,java.desktop
--add-exports java.desktop/sun.applet=ALL-UNNAMED,java.desktop
--add-exports java.base/,java.desktop
--add-exports java.base/,java.desktop
--add-exports java.desktop/sun.applet=ALL-UNNAMED,jdk.jsobject - <>=javaws
net.sourceforge.jnlp.runtime.Boot -Xnofork -jnlp http://....jnlp

So you have all jigsaw args for ITW, as specified by the official linux

 My javaws.bat hacks were minimal; I hard-coded JAVA_HOME to point to JDK
> 11, and added the jigsaw args that appeared to be required based on the
> reported error messages (some of which might be specific to my use case):
> set JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-11
> "%JAVA%" --add-opens=java.base/java.lang=ALL-UNNAMED --add-opens=java.base/
> --add-exports=java.base/jdk.internal.util.jar=ALL-UNNAMED
> --illegal-access=warn "-splash:%SPLASH_LOCATION%"
> "%CP%" ""
> "-Dicedtea-web.bin.location=%BINARY_LOCATION%" "%CLASSNAME%"
> %ITW_WIN_SPECIALS% -verbose %*
> That was enough to successfully test both signed and unsigned jnlp files
> with javaws.bat. It didn’t eliminate all of the reported error and warning
> messages, but it did eliminate fatal errors.

Could you give an example for unsigned jnlp app ?

> I’m still trying to understand this:
> net.sourceforge.jnlp.LaunchException: Fatal: Initialization Error: Unknown Main-Class. Could not determine the main class for this application.
> 	at net.sourceforge.jnlp.runtime.JNLPClassLoader.initializeResources(

> And dozens of “failed” messages like this:
> Removing execute permissions on file C:\Users\Jim\.cache\icedtea-web\cache\673\http\\8888\basis\ failed
> Removing read permission on file C:\Users\Jim\.cache\icedtea-web\cache\673\http\\8888\basis\ failed
ITW cache seems not working well on windows yet !
Some recent patches are in progress...

> But I can ignore all of that; it doesn’t stop anything from loading.
> The Mac client is where I’m really stuck; it only seems to be available if
> you can build it from sources, and that process has been a complete failure
> for me.

ITW does not have any mac native client or installer yet. However mac is
unix so ITW bash scripts works out of the box.
Just use my and run itw/bin/ : That's all folks !

So I was very excited to see this passing comment:
> “Hmmm... So rust launchers, when compiled on generic linux, and provided
> with JAVA_HOME should work for your mac friends?
> I would liek to understand this a bit more, to not kill the mac usecase."

I have no idea what does it mean.
Jiri, could you explain how to build rust launchers ? Is it scripting or
does it make native executable commands ? I could try building on mac if

PS: For me, fixing sh/bat launchers for jdk11 is my goal as it is enough
for win/mac/linux platforms.

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