[rfc] [icedtea-web] Fix EDT hanging on OpenJDK 11

Jiri Vanek jvanek at redhat.com
Mon Sep 10 11:03:55 UTC 2018

On 09/07/2018 04:50 PM, Laurent Bourgès wrote:
> Jiri,
> Few comment below, but first PLEASE Go on integrating the current patch !
>      >      > +            OutputController.getLogger().log(OutputController.Level.MESSAGE_ALL, "Loading
>      >     class: " + mainName);
>      >      > +
>      >
>      >     Is this really necessary as MESAGE_ALL?
>      >
>      >
>      > Moved in logs, but I liked having it in my console as my app is starting slowly (from home @
>     DSL)
>      > due to lots of http queries ... latency is then important and I like knowing what's going on,
>     nevermind.
>     Then you can runit in --verbose, and you will see.
>     is "nevermind" ok, or "well, if you insits"
>     If it is so crucial, than it may be discussed to move it to default output.
> I would vote to have LATER one good message indicating in the log (ALL) when the application starts:
> 'Starting application [ + mainClass ]'
> It will indicate that download phase ends and application startup phase starts.

ok. Then please put it back. Can you put it to stderr? (using ERROR_ALL)
>     Looking second times to the splashscreen and headless detections changes - are they still working?-)
> Hope so (splash screen OK), but I have not tested headless recently.

they do:)

>     @@ -284,6 +292,11 @@
>                    dialogTitle = "Security Warning";
>                else if (dtype == DialogType.AUTHENTICATION)
>                    dialogTitle = "Authentication Required";
>     +        else if (dtype == DialogType.MISSING_ALACA) {
>     +            dialogTitle = "Security Warning";
>     +        } else if (dtype == DialogType.MATCHING_ALACA) {
>     +            dialogTitle = "Security Warning";
>     +        }
>     I overlooked this in first reading. How had you come over it? As it is only cosmetic change....
> I prefer having these dialogs (with my Aspro2 app) showing a title.
> Note: other titles are missing for few DialogType (later ?)

Feel free to include them now or later
Still, those would be nice to separate to another changeset (all the "new" titles.)

>     Unless you have more opinion around " MESAGE_ALL?" part, or   you/me confirm  that
>     splash/headless/sandbox  stopped working, I'm ok with this to be pushed to 1.7, with promises that
>     push to future 1.8 will follow asap.
>     I will now start the integration suite of ITW (alas! have not made applets reasonably working, so
>     javaws only), with hope to catch sandboxissue, if any. (will take long, as I need to create some
>     base "before the patch")
>     after that, I will do some manual testing
>     after that I will push
>     and then I will hope for 1.8 version, which I will test in same way as current with 1.7.
>     Does it sound good to you?
> Yes, awesome.
> How long does this testing phase take ? (1 day or 1 week ...)

The suite runs abootu 6 hours. Without appelts, it is not so much covering.
Anyway. Automated suite did not found any issue. My manual testing found one, so I'm afraid we will 
have one more round of review.

Certificates details are dead, and missing 
http://icedtea.classpath.org/hg/icedtea-web/rev/4bac53123926 is not a cause (Although I'm going to 
backport it if 1.7.2 for EDT is going out).
With your patch, the fialog never shows up, and itw (both javaws and itweb settings) get frozen.
Without, it appears correctly.
Most easy way to reproduce isa icedtea-web-image/bin/itweb-settings  -> certificates -> system -> 
any -> details - freeze (however the details are to be found when you are launching  any signed 
application so it is not an minor issue.)

Please note http://icedtea.classpath.org/hg/icedtea-web/rev/5290684409aa it will interact with the 
patch for bleeding edge.  Maybe it is worthy to backport it to 1.7 and to adapt your patch on top of it?

>     I will start testing asap, and the minor update for "MESAGE_ALL?" can go in meantime
> Definitely, later.

Well we are makeing a turn. Feel free to adapt it. I woudl vote to inclussion to stderr via 
ERROR_all, and I would vote to separate the titles hunk to separate changeset.
>     Btw (realized now)  there is scary part which generate documentation for ITW, and
>     icedtea-web.edt.debug should be mentioned. Howeve, I'm afraid there is no precedence for proeprty.
>     I will look into it later.
> I think this property is mainly for debugging purposes (internals); so I do not think it should be 
> advertised.

Sorry for troubles.
  I was not investigating the freeze of certificates details, can you please look into it?


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