[Bug 2945] [IcedTea8] No LocalVariableTable generated for the entire JDK

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Thu Feb 7 20:08:41 UTC 2019


--- Comment #8 from hg commits <mercurial at icedtea.classpath.org> ---
author: Andrew John Hughes <gnu_andrew at member.fsf.org>
date: Wed Jan 23 19:59:13 2019 +0000

    Bump to icedtea-3.11.0pre02.

    Upstream changes:
      - PR3683: Addition of 8189170 in 8u192 breaks 8197429 backport
      - S6260348: GTK+ L&F JTextComponent not respecting desktop caret blink
      - S6730115: Fastdebug VM crashes with "ExceptionMark destructor expects
no pending exceptions" error
      - S8008321: compile.cpp verify_graph_edges uses bool as int
      - S8022177: Windows/MSYS builds broken
      - S8026331: hs_err improvement: Print if we have seen any
OutOfMemoryErrors or StackOverflowErrors
      - S8026335: hs_err improvement: Print exact compressed oops mode and the
heap base value.
      - S8027584: Disable ccache by default
      - S8031668: TOOLCHAIN_FIND_COMPILER unexpectedly resolves symbolic links
      - S8031759: Improved tool overriding in configure
      - S8033292: only warn, not fail, on unknown variables in configure
      - S8034199: Add 'reconfigure' target for re-creating a configuration
      - S8034788: Rewrite toolchain.m4 to support multiple toolchains per
      - S8035074: hs_err improvement: Add time zone information in the hs_err
      - S8035495: Improvements in autoconf integration
      - S8035725: Must keep microsoft VS_PATH on PATH after toolchain detection
      - S8035730: Configure fails in cygwin if current dir is in /home/user
      - S8035751: Clean up Visual Studio detection logic
      - S8035825: Warn instead of fail when calling the configure wrapper
      - S8036003: Add
      - S8038340: Cleanup and fix sysroot and devkit handling on Linux and
      - S8038636: speculative traps break when classes are redefined
      - S8039030: 9-dev windows-i586 build failed with mktemp: command not
      - S8041623: Solaris Studio 12.4 C++ 5.13, CHECK_UNHANDLED_OOPS use of
class oop's copy constructor definitions causing error level diagnostic.
      - S8042707: Source changes needed to build JDK 9 with Visual Studio 2013
      - S8048128: Fix for Solaris Studio C++ 5.13, CHECK_UNHANDLED_OOPS breaks
PPC build.
      - S8051972: sun/security/pkcs11/ec/ReadCertificates.java fails
      - S8055008: Clean up code that saves the previous versions of redefined
      - S8057538: Build the freetype library during configure on Windows
      - S8057570: RedefineClasses() tests fail
assert(((Metadata*)obj)->is_valid()) failed: obj is valid
      - S8061305: Javadoc crashes when method name ends with "Property"
      - S8067239: [TESTBUG] javax/xml/bind/marshal/8036981/Test.java failed
      - S8069124: runtime/NMT/MallocSiteHashOverflow.java failing in nightlies
      - S8074373: NMT is not enabled if NMT option is specified after class
path specifiers
      - S8074462: Handshake messages can be strictly ordered
      - S8074859, PR1937: Re-apply warnings as error switch removed by 8034788
in 8u192
      - S8075942: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in
      - S8076117: EndEntityChecker should not process custom extensions after
PKIX validation
      - S8077420: Build failure with SS12u4
      - S8078437: Enable use of devkits for Windows
      - S8078628: linux-zero does not build without precompiled header
      - S8079788: Fix broken CL version detection in configure for some Visual
Studio configurations
      - S8081202: Hotspot compile warning: "Invalid suffix on literal; C++11
requires a space between literal and identifier"
      - S8081323: ConstantPool::_resolved_references is missing in heap dump
      - S8114823: G1 doesn't honor request to disable class unloading
      - S8134157: adlc fails to compile with SS12u4
      - S8138692: libjsig compilation is missing EXTRA_CFLAGS on macosx
      - S8140470: javax/xml/crypto/dsig/SecurityManager/XMLDSigWithSecMgr.java
failed with AccessControlException
      - S8145188, PR2945: Re-apply --with-java-debug-symbols option removed by
8034788 in 8u192
      - S8146115: Improve docker container detection and resource configuration
      - S8148175: C1: G1 barriers don't preserve FP registers
      - S8148351: Only display resolved symlink for compiler, do not change
      - S8150426: Wrong cast in metadata_at_put
      - S8150688: Fix os_windows siglabel
      - S8150954: Taking screenshots on x11 composite desktop produce wrong
      - S8152974: AWT hang occurrs when sequenced events arrive out of sequence
      - S8153194: PreserveFPRegistersTest.java runs out of memory in the
      - S8156137: SIGSEGV in ReceiverTypeData::clean_weak_klass_links
      - S8156824: com.sun.jndi.ldap.pool.PoolCleaner should clear its context
class loader
      - S8157898: SupportedDSAParamGen.java failed with timeout
      - S8158012: Use SW prefetch instructions instead of BIS for allocation
prefetches on SPARC Core C4
      - S8160748: Inconsistent types for ideal_reg
      - S8160748, PR3682: [AArch64] Inconsistent types for ideal_reg
      - S8162362: Introduce system property to control enabled ciphersuites
      - S8162540: Crash in C2 escape analysis with assert: "node should be
      - S8164480: Crash with assert(handler_address ==
SharedRuntime::compute_compiled_exc_handler(..) failed: Must be the same
      - S8165463: Native implementation of sunmscapi should use operator new
(nothrow) for allocations
      - S8165489: Missing G1 barrier in Unsafe_GetObjectVolatile
      - S8168628: (fc) SIGBUS when extending file size to map it
      - S8169201: Montgomery multiply intrinsic should use correct name
      - S8171452: (ch) linux io_util_md: Operation not supported exception
after 8168628
      - S8173013: JVMTI tagged object access needs G1 pre-barrier
      - S8176033: New cygwin grep does not match \r as newline
      - S8176183: sun/security/mscapi/SignedObjectChain.java fails on Windows
      - S8176192: Incorrect usage of Iterator in Java 8 In
      - S8177758: Regression in java.awt.FileDialog
      - S8178370: [TEST_BUG] java/security/Signature/SignatureLength.java fails
      - S8179079: Incremental HotSpot builds broken on Windows
      - S8179675: Build with error on windows with new Cygwin grep
      - S8185723: Zero: segfaults on Power PC 32-bit
      - S8185855: Debug exception stacks should be clearer
      - S8186171: HashMap: Entry.setValue may not work after Iterator.remove()
called for previous entries
      - S8186461: Zero's atomic_copy64() should use SPE instructions on
      - S8186646: Nashorn: "duplicate code" assertion when binding a vararg
function that just passes arguments along
      - S8187045: [linux] Not all libraries in the VM are linked with
      - S8187577: JVM crash during gc doing concurrent marking
      - S8187635: On Windows Swing changes keyboard layout on a window
      - S8187803: JDK part of JavaFX-Swing dialogs appearing behind main stage
      - S8188030: AWT java apps fail to start when some minimal fonts are
      - S8188083:
NullPointerExcpn-java.awt.image.FilteredImageSource.startProduction JDK-8079607
      - S8188223: IfNode::range_check_trap_proj() should handler dying subgraph
with single if proj
      - S8189170: Add option to disable stack overflow checking in primordial
thread for use with JNI_CreateJavaJVM
      - S8189170, PR3682: [AArch64] Add option to disable stack overflow
checking in primordial thread for use with JNI_CreateJavaJVM
      - S8189760: sun/security/ssl/CertPathRestrictions/TLSRestrictions.java
failed with unexpected Exception intermittently
      - S8189851: [TESTBUG] runtime/RedefineTests/RedefineInterfaceCall.java
      - S8193171: keytool -list displays "JKS" for a PKCS12 keystore
      - S8193758: Update copyright headers of files in src tree that are
missing Classpath exception
      - S8193892: Impact of noncloneable MessageDigest implementation
      - S8194412: Adding 256 units of IsoFields.QUARTER_YEARS broken
      - S8194642: Improve OOM error reporting for JDK8
      - S8194739: Zero port of 8174962: Better interface invocations
      - S8195095: Images are not scaled correctly in JEditorPane
      - S8195738: scroll poistion in ScrollPane is reset after calling
      - S8195837: (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2018c
      - S8196108: Add build support for VS 2015/2017
      - S8196491: Newlines in JAXB string values of SOAP-requests are escaped
to "&#xa;"
      - S8196516: libfontmanager must be built with LDFLAGS allowing unresolved
      - S8196854: TestFlushableGZIPOutputStream failing with
      - S8196880: VS2017 Addition of Global Delete Operator with Size Parameter
Conflicts with Arena's Chunk Provided One
      - S8196884: VS2017 Multiple Type Cast Conversion Compilation Errors
      - S8196952: Bad primeCertainty value setting in DSAParameterGenerator
      - S8197518: Kerberos krb5 authentication: AuthList's put method leads to
performance issue
      - S8197864: VS2017 (C4334) Result of 32-bit Shift Implicitly Converted to
64 bits
      - S8197868: VS2017 (C2065) 'timezone': Undeclared Identifier in
      - S8197943: Unable to use JDWP API in JDK 8 to debug JDK 9 VM
      - S8198304: VS2017 (C4838, C4312) Various conversion issues with gtest
      - S8198605: Touch keyboard is shown for a non-focusable text component
      - S8198606: Touch keyboard does not hide, when a text component looses
      - S8198794: Hotspot crash on Cassandra 3.11.1 startup with libnuma 2.0.3
      - S8198898: Compilation errors in jdk.crypto.mscapi with VS 2017
      - S8199406: Performance drop with Java JDK 1.8.0_162-b32
      - S8199748: Touch keyboard is not shown, if text component gets focus
from other text component
      - S8200353: Shift or Capslock not working in Textfield after accented
      - S8200359: (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2018d
      - S8201240: Improve releasing native resources of
      - S8201369: Inet4AddressImpl_getLocalHostName reverse lookup on Solaris
      - S8201433: Fix potential crash in BufImg_SetupICM
      - S8201495: [Zero] Reduce limits of max heap size for boot JDK on s390
      - S8201509: Zero: S390 31bit atomic_copy64 inline assembler is wrong
      - S8202478: Backout JDK-8152974
      - S8202600: [Zero] Undefined behaviour in
      - S8202696: Remove exclusion range for phonetic chars in windows
      - S8202996: Remove debug print statements from RMI fix
      - S8203182: Release session if initialization of SunPKCS11 Signature
      - S8203233: (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2018e
      - S8203349: 8u hotspot should recognise later Windows compilers
      - S8203368: ObjectInputStream filterCheck method throws
      - S8203499: Uninitialised memory in WinAccessBridge.cpp
      - S8203790: MSVCP dependency introduced in awt.dll
      - S8203845: backport of JDK-8034788 inadvertently rolled back JDK-8187045
changes to toolchain.m4
      - S8204053: libsaproc.so not linked with -z,noexecstack
      - S8204872: [8u] VS2017: more instances of "error C3680: cannot
concatenate user-defined string literals with mismatched literal suffix
      - S8205104: EXTRA_LDFLAGS not consistently being used
      - S8205440: [8u] DWORD64 required for later Windows compilers
      - S8205677: [8u] casts and type change for 8u to enable later Windows
      - S8206406: StubCodeDesc constructor publishes partially-constructed
objects on StubCodeDesc::_list
      - S8206425: .gnu_debuglink sections added unconditionally when no
debuginfo is stripped
      - S8206454: [8u] os::current_stack_pointer() fails to compile on later
Windows compilers (warning C4172: returning address of local variable)
      - S8206914: add jdk8u-dev test failures to ProblemList.txt
      - S8207402: Stray *.debuginfo files when not stripping debug info
      - S8207853: Need to regenerate configure in jdk8u-dev
      - S8209002: 8u192 installed exe and dll files have wrong file version
      - S8209414, PR3682: AArch64: method handle invocation does not respect
JVMTI interp_only mode
      - S8210423: Backport of 8034788 breaks GCC version detection
      - S8210658: Remove and retag jdk8u192-b10 tag in source repository
      - S8210951: Test
sun/security/ssl/SSLContextImpl/CustomizedCipherSuites.java fails


    2019-01-23  Andrew John Hughes  <gnu_andrew at member.fsf.org>

        Bump to icedtea-3.11.0pre02.
        * Makefile.am,
        (CORBA_CHANGESET): Update to icedtea-3.11.0pre02 tag.
        (JAXP_CHANGESET): Likewise.
        (JAXWS_CHANGESET): Likewise.
        (JDK_CHANGESET): Likewise.
        (LANGTOOLS_CHANGESET): Likewise.
        (OPENJDK_CHANGESET): Likewise.
        (NASHORN_CHANGESET): Likewise.
        (CORBA_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        (JAXP_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        (JAXWS_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        (JDK_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        (LANGTOOLS_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        (OPENJDK_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        (NASHORN_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        (ICEDTEA_CONFIGURE): Add --with-native-debug-symbols,
        set to internal when building with native
        debuginfo and none otherwise.
        (ICEDTEA_ENV): Remove obsolete setting of POST_STRIP_CMD,
        * NEWS: Updated.
        * acinclude.m4,
        * configure.ac: Bump to 3.11.0pre02.
        * hotspot.map.in: Update to icedtea-3.11.0pre02 tag.

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