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Mon Jun 10 10:19:21 UTC 2019

Sorry this time with subject


I am new to the list. I researched all the questions below to the
best of my abilities. If this is not the right place for such queries
I apologize upfront and I would appreciate it if you could point me
to the right direction.

So the webstart is dead for us after java 11 upgrade and I have been
tasked to research alternatives.

The story so far.

In linux we were already using IcedTea-Web. Nothing to be done here
webstart wise. Task completed. Great.

In Windows I used the AdoptOpenJdk msi installer and the IcedTea-Web
msi installer. Worked great. Kudos to everybody and big thanks.

In MacOSX now I was able to make it work with minimal patching on the
portable build. Various questions were accumulated and I wasn't sure
if I should spam github. I decided to ask here first.

Let me know if you want me to create a github issue for any of this.

1) In MacOSX someone can use
to detect java home. Do you want me to try create a pull request along
these lines like:
 [ -x /usr/libexec/java_home ] && JRE=`/usr/libexec/java_home`;

2) Is there any way to have a console with my application's messages
and exceptions but without all the debug messages of the world? I
wasn't able to find such a setting.

3) Having two consoles is annoying (great for debugging) but people
are not used to it. I found how to turn off the one by specifying
-Xnofork. Are there are any problems with that approach that
I should be aware of?

4) I tried to give my webstart application another title but in the
Application Menu just says Boot. That bit was working before. We may
have apple deprecating features in accordance with Java 9+ changes
at play here though. Looking around I found:

a) My previous approach. It was working in the past but not
currently. I will retry to make sure though.

 System.setProperty("apple.laf.useScreenMenuBar", "true");

b) -Xdock:name=MyAppName That one works but requires different javaws
for different jnlp. Furthermore it doesn't play with -Xnofork obviously.

c) java-vm-args attribute in the resource/java jnlp element looks
like that is not honored, is it? Are there any plans to support
java-vm-args in the feature?

So what I would like to have:

I) Config option to close/hide the first console without resorting
to -Xnofork

II) Config option to turn off debugging in the second console while
keeping the application's messages such as the original netx

III) Automatically assign application name via -Xdock:name based
on the jnlp title in MacOSX or via any other working way possible
that I currently do not know.

Will it help to break them in github issues or is it too much?

Thanks again for reading thus far and sorry for the long mail.

   Vassilis Virvilis

Vassilis Virvilis

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