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Thu Jun 13 11:34:59 UTC 2019

Thanks for the reply. It helps a lot. I will try to clarify inline.

On Wed, Jun 12, 2019 at 6:31 PM Jiri Vanek <jvanek at> wrote:
>  This shoould not have any efect, I'm just ensuring what release you are on.

I went here:
then here:
(which is an e-mail from you I believe)
In that e-mail provides links to the msi installer:

> In native launchers, PATH is also scanned for possible JRE. Would this solve your issue?
> If yes, then I would go with PATH approach.
> also JAVA_HOME should bealready working for you, and also you can set JRE in
> $CONFIG_HOME/icedtea-web/ Would that work for you?
> If not, then your solution may go to play.

I don't know if you are familiar with MacOSX. Apple provides some
wrapper for java and javaws that basically say: *Please install a JRE
if you don't have one*. If you have multiple JRE installed then you
can select between them, set the default etc via
/usr/libexec/java_hom. In this scheme java is always in /usr/bin/java
(the wrapper) and javaws is in /usr/bin/javaws. /usr/bin/javaws looks
for the actual javaws in: /Library/Internet\
JRE itself is located on

So I looked a bit at launchers/rust-launcher/src/ :
get_jdk_from_given_path_testable but I am not sure what it would in
the MacOSX case. I can't tell without testing if such an approach
would work.

Thanks for $CONFIG_HOME/icedtea-web/ I hadn't
realized that you set the JRE there. This implies that javaws runs
with a JRE and you can configure another to run the application.
Unfortunately it doesn't help you to pickup the right JRE to run

> If you wish to fix it, then likely new deployment property can be introduced, to close the console
> of forking VM . Looking forward for PR :)

Thanks for confirming that there is no such setting. I will consider a
PR when the itch grows to pain levels.

> I had never before hear about those two. sorry.

Oh here there are:

> >
> > c) java-vm-args attribute in the resource/java jnlp element looks
> > like that is not honored, is it? Are there any plans to support
> > java-vm-args in the feature?
> The title belongs to jnlp's element title. Is it not honored too?
> speaking abot java-vm-args, not sure what you are reffering to. -J params are supported.

-J needs to be specified in the command line when javaws is executed.
java-vm-args is set on the JNLP, so javaws forks the java with these
arguments. Somewhat risky I may add but it is there:

> ....Oh! now I realised - By console - you mean ITW console or terminal of your OS?

I mean ITW console with the advance panel and the details button.

So that would require two PRs

1) Close ITW console on startup
2) Start with details off in the second console

> Similarly, I had also wrongly answered  your first question. This is your OS behaviour and os setup.
> I doubt there is anything we can do around. The second VM is again spawned via And your
> os is opening terminal for each os. Using the javaws binary would solve this, but it means that
> somebody have to build native rust launchers on mac. Are yu voulenteer? it would be awesome :)

I think you answered correctly. I don't have two terminals or two
shells. I just have two java consoles.

> This is first time I hear about -Xdoc.  Jnlp's <title> is not what you desire?
> You can pass jdk arguments to jvm via javaws -J-Xdoc, but I really do not see -Xdoc in openjdk's
> swithces.

Here it is:
The problem is that title does not set  the application name in
MaxOsx. Yes I can do it in the command line but I want to do it from
the JNLP. That means to seth -Xdock:name when jnlp title is set.
That would require a third PR.

I really appreciate your input. Now I am understanding things much better.

Thanks again. You have covered my questions 100% If you need any other
clarification let me know.

Vassilis Virvilis

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