[Bug 3784] [IcedTea8] Backport "8167481: cleanup of headers and includes for native libnet" to fix builds with glibc >= 2.32

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Sat May 2 04:21:37 UTC 2020


--- Comment #3 from hg commits <mercurial at icedtea.classpath.org> ---
author: Andrew John Hughes <gnu_andrew at member.fsf.org>
date: Fri May 01 06:16:35 2020 +0100

    Bump to icedtea-3.16.0.

    Upstream changes:
      - S7143743: Potential memory leak with zip provider
      - S8005819: Support cross-realm MSSFU
      - S8022263: use same Clang warnings on BSD as on Linux
      - S8033215: clang: node.cpp:284 IDX_INIT macro use uninitialized field
      - S8035949, PR3784: Remove unused macro USE_SELECT and clean up Unix
version of net_util_md.{c,h}
      - S8038631: Create wrapper for awt.Robot with additional functionality
      - S8046724: XML Signature ECKeyValue elements cannot be marshalled or
      - S8047212: runtime/ParallelClassLoading/bootstrap/random/inner-complex
assert(ObjectSynchronizer::verify_objmon_isinpool(inf)) failed: monitor is
      - S8055283: Expand ResourceHashtable with C_HEAP allocation, removal and
some unit tests
      - S8068184: Fix for JDK-8032832 caused a deadlock
      - S8079140: IgnoreAllErrorHandler should use doPrivileged when it reads
system properties
      - S8079693: Add support for ECDSA P-384 and P-521 curves to XML Signature
      - S8132130: some docs cleanup
      - S8134579: [TESTBUG] Some bmi tests fail if can_access_local_variables
is on.
      - S8135318: CMS wrong max_eden_size for check_gc_overhead_limit
      - S8143849: Integrate Marlin renderer per JEP 265
      - S8144093: JEP 244/8051498 - TLS Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation
      - S8144445: Maximum size checking in Marlin ArrayCache utility methods is
not optimal
      - S8144446: Automate the Marlin crash test
      - S8144526: Remove Marlin logging use of deleted internal API
      - S8144630: Use PrivilegedAction to create Thread in Marlin RendererStats
      - S8144654: Improve Marlin logging
      - S8144718: Pisces / Marlin Strokers may generate invalid curves with
huge coordinates and round joins
      - S8145055: Marlin renderer causes unaligned write accesses
      - S8145849: ALPN: getHandshakeApplicationProtocol() always return null
      - S8146293: Add support for RSASSA-PSS Signature algorithm
      - S8146792: Predicate moved after partial peel may lead to broken graph
      - S8158978: ALPN not working when values are set directly on a
      - S8162723: Array index overflow in Base64 utility class
      - S8166976: TestCipherPBECons has wrong @run line
      - S8167409: Invalid value passed to critical JNI function
      - S8167481, PR3784: cleanup of headers and includes for native libnet
      - S8170282: Enable ALPN parameters to be supplied during the TLS
      - S8171443: (spec) An ALPN callback function may also ignore ALPN
      - S8175029: StackOverflowError in X509CRL and
X509Certificate.verify(PublicKey, Provider)
      - S8181872: C1: possible overflow when strength reducing integer multiply
by constant
      - S8187078: -XX:+VerifyOops finds numerous problems when running JPRT
      - S8191227: issues with unsafe handle resolution
      - S8193255: Root Certificates should be stored in text format and
assembled at build time
      - S8197441: Signature#initSign/initVerify for an invalid private/public
key fails with ClassCastException for SunPKCS11 provider
      - S8200400: Restrict Sasl mechanisms
      - S8204152: SignedObject throws NullPointerException for null keys with
an initialized Signature object
      - S8205445: Add RSASSA-PSS Signature support to SunMSCAPI
      - S8205720: KeyFactory#getKeySpec and translateKey throws
NullPointerException with Invalid key
      - S8206171: Signature#getParameters for RSASSA-PSS throws
ProviderException when not initialized
      - S8213009: Refactoring existing SunMSCAPI classes
      - S8213010: Supporting keys created with certmgr.exe
      - S8214096: sun.security.util.SignatureUtil passes null parameter, so JCE
validation fails
      - S8215694: keytool cannot generate RSASSA-PSS certificates
      - S8215756: Memory leaks in the AWT on macOS
      - S8216039: TLS with BC and RSASSA-PSS breaks ECDHServerKeyExchange
      - S8216472: (se) Stack overflow during selection operation leads to crash
      - S8219244: NMT: Change ThreadSafepointState's allocation type from
mtInternal to mtThread
      - S8219597: (bf) Heap buffer state changes could provoke unexpected
      - S8221407: Windows 32bit build error in libsunmscapi/security.cpp
      - S8223003: SunMSCAPI keys are not cleaned up
      - S8223063: Support CNG RSA keys
      - S8223158: Docked MacBook cannot start any Java Swing applications
      - S8223898: Forward references to Nashorn
      - S8223904: Improve Nashorn matching
      - S8224541: Better mapping of serial ENUMs
      - S8224549: Less Blocking Array Queues
      - S8225128: Add exception for expiring DocuSign root to VerifyCACerts
      - S8225130: Add exception for expiring Comodo roots to VerifyCACerts test
      - S8225180: SignedObject with invalid Key not throwing the
InvalidKeyException in Windows
      - S8225392: Comparison builds are failing due to cacerts file
      - S8225603: Enhancement for big integers
      - S8225745: NoSuchAlgorithmException exception for SHA256withECDSA with
RSASSA-PSS support
      - S8227542: Manifest improved jar headers
      - S8229022: BufferedReader performance can be improved by using
      - S8229345: Memory leak due to vtable stubs not being shared on SPARC
      - S8229767: Typo in java.security: Sasl.createClient and
      - S8229872: (fs) Increase buffer size used with getmntent
      - S8230235: Rendering HTML with empty img attribute and documentBaseKey
cause Exception
      - S8230977: JEP 244/8051498 - TLS Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation
Extension (Java SE 8)
      - S8230978: Add support for RSASSA-PSS Signature algorithm (Java SE 8)
      - S8231415: Better signatures in XML
      - S8231430: C2: Memory stomp in max_array_length() for T_ILLEGAL type
      - S8232019: Add LuxTrust certificate updates to the existing root program
      - S8232154: Update Mesa 3-D Headers to version 19.2.1
      - S8233223: Add Amazon Root CA certificates
      - S8233250: Better X11 rendering
      - S8233410: Better Build Scripting
      - S8233995: java.vm.vendor (and potentially other properties/fields) not
correctly set in Windows/Hotspot build of OpenJDK8
      - S8234027: Better JCEKS key support
      - S8234245: sun/security/lib/cacerts/VerifyCACerts.java fails due to
wrong checksum
      - S8234408: Improve TLS session handling
      - S8234825: Better Headings for HTTP Servers
      - S8234841: Enhance buffering of byte buffers
      - S8235142: JDK-8193255 backport broke bootstrap with JDK 10
      - S8235274: Enhance typing of methods
      - S8235744: PIT:
test/jdk/javax/swing/text/html/TestJLabelWithHTMLText.java times out in
      - S8235904: Infinite loop when rendering huge lines
      - S8236179: C1 register allocation error with T_ADDRESS
      - S8236201: Better Scanner conversions
      - S8236470: Deal with ECDSA using ecdsa-with-SHA2 plus hash algorithm as
      - S8237368: Problem with NullPointerException in RMI TCPEndpoint.read
      - S8238502: sunmscapi.dll causing EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
      - S8238960: linux-i586 builds are inconsistent as the newly build jdk is
not able to reserve enough space for object heap
      - S8240521: Revert backport of 8231584: Deadlock with
ClassLoader.findLibrary and System.loadLibrary call
      - S8241296: Segfault in JNIHandleBlock::oops_do()
      - S8241307: Marlin renderer should not be the default in 8u252


    2020-04-30  Andrew John Hughes  <gnu_andrew at member.fsf.org>

        Bump to icedtea-3.16.0.
        * Makefile.am:
        (CORBA_CHANGESET): Update to icedtea-3.16.0 tag.
        (JAXP_CHANGESET): Likewise.
        (JAXWS_CHANGESET): Likewise.
        (JDK_CHANGESET): Likewise.
        (LANGTOOLS_CHANGESET): Likewise.
        (OPENJDK_CHANGESET): Likewise.
        (NASHORN_CHANGESET): Likewise.
        (CORBA_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        (JAXP_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        (JAXWS_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        (JDK_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        (LANGTOOLS_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        (OPENJDK_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        (NASHORN_SHA256SUM): Likewise.
        * NEWS: Updated.
        * acinclude.m4:
        and MILESTONE to fcs for final release.
        * configure.ac: Bump to 3.16.0.
        * hotspot.map.in: Update to icedtea-3.16.0 tag.

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