[SECURITY] IcedTea 3.23.0 for OpenJDK 8 Released!

Andrew Hughes gnu_andrew at member.fsf.org
Wed Jun 29 01:11:24 UTC 2022

We are pleased to announce the release of IcedTea 3.23.0!

The IcedTea project provides a harness to build the source code from
OpenJDK using Free Software build tools, along with additional
features such as the ability to build against system libraries and
support for alternative virtual machines and architectures beyond
those supported by OpenJDK.

This release updates our OpenJDK 8 support with the April 2022
security fixes from OpenJDK 8u332.

If you find an issue with the release, please report it to our bug
database (http://icedtea.classpath.org/bugzilla) under the appropriate
component. Development discussion takes place on the distro-pkg-dev at
openjdk.org mailing list and patches are always welcome.

Full details of the release can be found below.

What's New?
New in release 3.23.0 (2022-06-28):

* Security fixes
  - JDK-8269938: Enhance XML processing passes redux
  - JDK-8270504, CVE-2022-21426: Better XPath expression handling
  - JDK-8272255: Completely handle MIDI files
  - JDK-8272261: Improve JFR recording file processing
  - JDK-8272594: Better record of recordings
  - JDK-8274221: More definite BER encodings
  - JDK-8275151, CVE-2022-21443: Improved Object Identification
  - JDK-8277227: Better identification of OIDs
  - JDK-8277672, CVE-2022-21434: Better invocation handler handling
  - JDK-8278008, CVE-2022-21476: Improve Santuario processing
  - JDK-8278356: Improve file creation
  - JDK-8278449: Improve keychain support
  - JDK-8278805: Enhance BMP image loading
  - JDK-8278972, CVE-2022-21496: Improve URL supports
  - JDK-8281388: Change wrapping of EncryptedPrivateKeyInfo
* Import of OpenJDK 8 u332
  - JDK-8033980: Xerces Update: datatype XMLGregorianCalendarImpl and DurationImpl
  - JDK-8035437: Xerces Update: xml/serialize/DOMSerializerImpl
  - JDK-8035577: Xerces Update: impl/xpath/regex/RangeToken.java
  - JDK-8037259: xerces update: xpointer update
  - JDK-8041523: Xerces Update: Serializer improvements from Xalan
  - JDK-8141508: java.lang.invoke.LambdaConversionException: Invalid receiver type
  - JDK-8162572: Update License Header for all JAXP sources
  - JDK-8167014: jdeps: Missing message: warn.skipped.entry
  - JDK-8198411: [TEST_BUG] Two java2d tests are unstable in mach5
  - JDK-8202822: Add .git to .hgignore
  - JDK-8205540: test/hotspot/jtreg/vmTestbase/nsk/jdb/trace/trace001/trace001.java fails with Debuggee did not exit after 15 <cont> commands
  - JDK-8209178: Proxied HttpsURLConnection doesn't send BODY when retrying POST request
  - JDK-8210283: Support git as an SCM alternative in the build
  - JDK-8218682: [TEST_BUG] DashOffset fails in mach5
  - JDK-8225690: Multiple AttachListener threads can be created
  - JDK-8227738: jvmti/DataDumpRequest/datadumpreq001 failed due to "exit code is 134"
  - JDK-8227815: Minimal VM: set_state is not a member of AttachListener
  - JDK-8240633: Memory leaks in the implementations of FileChooserUI
  - JDK-8241768: git needs .gitattributes
  - JDK-8247766: [aarch64] guarantee(val < (1U << nbits)) failed: Field too big for insn
  - JDK-8253147: The javax/swing/JPopupMenu/7154841/bug7154841.java fail on big screens
  - JDK-8253353: Crash in C2: guarantee(n != NULL) failed: No Node
  - JDK-8266749: AArch64: Backtracing broken on PAC enabled systems
  - JDK-8270290: NTLM authentication fails if HEAD request is used
  - JDK-8273229: Update OS detection code to recognize Windows Server 2022
  - JDK-8273341: Update Siphash to version 1.0
  - JDK-8273575: memory leak in appendBootClassPath(), paths must be deallocated
  - JDK-8274524: SSLSocket.close() hangs if it is called during the ssl handshake
  - JDK-8277224: sun.security.pkcs.PKCS9Attributes.toString() throws NPE
  - JDK-8277488: Add expiry exception for Digicert (geotrustglobalca) expiring in May 2022
  - JDK-8279077: JFR crashes on Linux ppc due to missing crash protector in signal handler
  - JDK-8280060: The sun/rmi/server/Activation.java class use Thread.dumpStack()
  - JDK-8282300: Throws NamingException instead of InvalidNameException after JDK-8278972
  - JDK-8282397: createTempFile method of java.io.File is failing when called with suffix of spaces character
  - JDK-8284548: Invalid XPath expression causes StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
  - JDK-8284920: Incorrect Token type causes XPath expression to return empty result
  - JDK-8284936: Fix Java 7 bootstrap breakage due to use of Arrays.stream
* Backports
  - JDK-8031567: Better model for storing source revision information
  - JDK-8170385: JDK-8031567 broke source bundles
  - JDK-8170392: JDK-8031567 broke builds from source bundles
  - JDK-8253424: Add support for running pre-submit testing using GitHub Actions
  - JDK-8253865: Pre-submit testing using GitHub Actions does not detect failures reliably
  - JDK-8254054: Pre-submit testing using GitHub Actions should not use the deprecated set-env command
  - JDK-8254173: Add Zero, Minimal hotspot targets to submit workflow
  - JDK-8254175: Build no-pch configuration in debug mode for submit checks
  - JDK-8254282: Add Linux x86_32 builds to submit workflow
  - JDK-8255305: Add Linux x86_32 tier1 to submit workflow
  - JDK-8255352: Archive important test outputs in submit workflow
  - JDK-8255373: Submit workflow artifact name is always "test-results_.zip"
  - JDK-8255895: Submit workflow artifacts miss hs_errs/replays due to ZIP include mismatch
  - JDK-8256127: Add cross-compiled foreign architectures builds to submit workflow
  - JDK-8256277: Github Action build on macOS should define OS and Xcode versions
  - JDK-8256354: Github Action build on Windows should define OS and MSVC versions
  - JDK-8256393: Github Actions build on Linux should define OS and GCC versions
  - JDK-8256414: add optimized build to submit workflow
  - JDK-8256747: GitHub Actions: decouple the hotspot build-only jobs from Linux x64 testing
  - JDK-8257056: Submit workflow should apt-get update to avoid package installation errors
  - JDK-8259924: GitHub actions fail on Linux x86_32 with "Could not configure libc6:i386"
  - JDK-8260460: GitHub actions still fail on Linux x86_32 with "Could not configure libc6:i386"
  - JDK-8263667: Avoid running GitHub actions on branches named pr/*
  - JDK-8282225: GHA: Allow one concurrent run per PR only
  - JDK-8284772: 8u GHA: Use GCC Major Version Dependencies Only
* Bug fixes
  - GH002: Only add -Wno-unused-parameter on gcc and clang compilers.
  - GH004: Fix naming of sockaddr_in6 variable (sa6->him6) in SOCKETADDRESS union on Windows
  - GH007: Fix NetworkInterface_winXP.c variable declarations to compile on VS2010
  - GH008: Reinstate POST_STRIP_CMD empty check in Images.gmk
  - GH012: Building from tarball broken by bad backport of JDK-8210283
* Shenandoah
  - JDK-8260632: Build failures after JDK-8253353

The tarballs can be downloaded from:

* http://icedtea.classpath.org/download/source/icedtea-3.23.0.tar.gz
* http://icedtea.classpath.org/download/source/icedtea-3.23.0.tar.xz

We provide both gzip and xz tarballs, so that those who are able to
make use of the smaller tarball produced by xz may do so.

The tarballs are accompanied by digital signatures available at:

* http://icedtea.classpath.org/download/source/icedtea-3.23.0.tar.gz.sig
* http://icedtea.classpath.org/download/source/icedtea-3.23.0.tar.xz.sig

These are produced using my public key. See details below.

PGP Key: ed25519/0xCFDA0F9B35964222 (hkp://keys.gnupg.net)
Fingerprint = 5132 579D D154 0ED2 3E04 C5A0 CFDA 0F9B 3596 4222

GnuPG >= 2.1 is required to be able to handle this key.

SHA256 checksums:

d22bd68f5add7fdf368cba824fd8a1be9605da8c62c694065335859f462fc0f0  icedtea-3.23.0.tar.gz
66114e09528b2040aeb61838e3c3f06a75ac676176cd103f991d40f08fdb643b  icedtea-3.23.0.tar.gz.sig
166fbaad61078b6effbdfb41bea47e9fb441dcc937206576107410cd57f9e3bc  icedtea-3.23.0.tar.xz
d22bcc2c281879a9ef01b974fe75e4e488fc4885648e85423e26ab770045d209  icedtea-3.23.0.tar.xz.sig

The checksums can be downloaded from:

* http://icedtea.classpath.org/download/source/icedtea-3.23.0.sha256

The following people helped with this release:

* Andrew Hughes (all bug fixes and backports, release management)

We would also like to thank the bug reporters and testers!

To get started:

$ tar xzf icedtea-3.23.0.tar.gz


$ tar x -I xz -f icedtea-3.23.0.tar.xz


$ mkdir icedtea-build
$ cd icedtea-build
$ ../icedtea-3.23.0/configure
$ make

Full build requirements and instructions are available in the INSTALL file.

Happy hacking!
Andrew :)
Pronouns: he / him or they / them

PGP Key: ed25519/0xCFDA0F9B35964222 (hkp://keys.gnupg.net)
Fingerprint = 5132 579D D154 0ED2 3E04  C5A0 CFDA 0F9B 3596 4222
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