IcedTea Moved to git (and GitHub)

Andrew Hughes gnu_andrew at
Sat Mar 5 01:22:42 UTC 2022

Following the move of OpenJDK 7 [0] and 8 [1] to git & GitHub, we are
in the process of doing the same with IcedTea and its forks of the
OpenJDK trees.

IcedTea's new home for code development is:

Currently, this houses the IcedTea OpenJDK 8 fork, and IcedTea itself:

Rather than try to repeat the upstream process of converting the
OpenJDK IcedTea forests first to a single Mercurial repository, and
then to a Git repository, we have simply rebased the IcedTea changes
onto a fork of the new upstream OpenJDK git tree. This is also a good
time to review the IcedTea changes, remove any that are no longer
needed and upstream others where possible.

So far, the old IcedTea8 forest for the IcedTea 3.x series has been
converted. IcedTea7 for the IcedTea 2.x series should follow shortly.

The old Mercurial trees are still available, read-only, from:

Due to issues with the IcedTea server, these do not contain the last
two Mercurial releases from July & October 2021. We'll try and make
these available for reference if possible. No more changes will be
made in the Mercurial repositories.

IcedTea itself is being converted from a series of Mercurial
repositories to one Git repository with appropriately named
branches. Currently, only the 3.0 branch exists, but the others should
follow soon. The transition will be as follows:

hg/icedtea6 -> 1.0
hg/icedtea7 -> 2.0
hg/release/icedtea7-2.6 -> 2.6
hg/release/icedtea6-1.13 -> 1.13
hg/icedtea8 -> 3.0
hg/icedtea9 -> 4.0
hg/icedtea10 -> 5.0
hg/icedtea11 -> 6.0
hg/icedtea12 -> 7.0
hg/icedtea13 -> 8.0
hg/icedtea14 -> 9.0
hg/icedtea15 -> 10.0
hg/icedtea16 -> 11.0
hg/icedtea -> main

Your patience is appreciated in this time of transition.


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