status of freetype work

Igor Nekrestyanov Igor.Nekrestyanov at Sun.COM
Tue Jul 31 03:43:41 PDT 2007

Last several weeks were really packed for me but i am happy to finally 
say this:

The work to replace the t2k font rasteriser with freetype is now mostly 
and if all goes well it will be in the b17 code drop in about one week.

The basic design is to isolate the font rasteriser specifics with an 
abstraction layer (sun.font.FontScaler),
and glue code to invoke  freetype has been implemented for openjdk.

Obviously freetype glue code can be improved. In fact we found and fixed 
couple of bugs already
but not all of this fixes will make it to b17.

OpenJDK build will require that you have a prebuilt freetype 2.3 or 
later for your platform (tested mostly with 2.3.4).
On Linux it will be picked from /usr/include and /usr/lib if appropriate 
version is available).

As b17 will become available please give it a try and feel free to 
suggest further improvements,
report bugs and propose fixes.


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