OpenJDK Members Group Rules in Bylaws

Volker Simonis volker.simonis at
Thu Feb 14 08:10:54 UTC 2019


I just stumbled upon the following phrase in section 8 (OpenJDK
Members) of the OpenJDK Bylaws:

"Every OpenJDK Membership is subject to automatic Expiration after one
year, but will be renewed upon request. A request for renewal must be
received within one year of expiration..."

I was a little surprised to read this because I've never requested the
renewal of my membership in the OpenJDK Members group but lucky
enough, my membership hasn't expired until now.

I think the above mentioned paragraph has never been exercised in
practice. I also don't see why it should be really needed. I therefor
propose to completely remove this paragraph from section 8 of the

If you insist in keeping it, we should set up an infrastructure to
track the membership status in the OpenJDK Members group. Every member
should have the possibility to see at which exact date his membership
will expire. One or two reminder mails before the membership expires
(e.g. one month and one week before the expiration date) would be
reasonable as well. But, to repeat myself, I think that's too much
overhead for a hardly relevant benefit.

Thank you and best regards,

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