CFV: Group Consolidation: Client Libraries Group

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Mon Jun 21 17:23:48 UTC 2021

// This is a call for votes from Members of the Governing Board.
// If you aren’t a Member of the Governing Board, please don’t vote.

On behalf of Phil Race I hereby propose the creation of the Client
Libraries Group, with Phil as the initial Lead.  The Client Libraries
Group is a consolidation of the interests and active members of the
existing AWT [1], 2D [2], Swing [3], and Sound [4] Groups.  I further
propose the simultaneous dissolution of these historical Groups.

The new Group will sponsor the OpenJFX [5] and Lanai [6] Projects. The
long-inactive Harfbuzz [7], Framebuffer Toolkit [8] and XRender Pipeline
[9] Projects will be dissolved by virtue of losing their sponsoring
Group.  Over time the old Groups’ mailing lists, static web pages, etc.,
will be coalesced at the discretion of the new Lead.

Phil is the OpenJDK Group Lead for the 2D and Sound Groups and the Lead
of the Lanai Project.  He has been a member of the Java 2D graphics team
since 1999 and has contributed hundreds, if not thousands, of changes to
client code over that period.  Phil was the specification lead for JSR
15 (Image I/O Framework) and JSR 6 (Unified Printing API).  In JDK 17,
Phil led JEP 382 (New macOS Rendering Pipeline).

The set of initial members of the new Client Libraries Group is the
union of the members of the 2D, AWT, Swing, and Sound Groups who have
sent e-mail to at least one of the five client libraries Group lists
(2d, awt, beans, swing, and sound) or a client libraries Project list
(lanai) any time since January 2020:

    Alexander Scherbartiy (alexsch)
    Alexander Zuev (kizune)
    Alexander Zvegintsev (azvegint)
    Alexey Ushakov (avu)
    Jay DV (jdv)
    Laurent Bourges (lbourges)
    Peter Zhelezniakov (peterz)
    Sergey Bylokhov (serb)

Votes are due by 23:59 UTC on Monday, 5 July.

Only current Governing Board Members [a] are eligible to vote on this
motion.  Votes must be cast in the open by replying to this mailing

For Two-Thirds Majority voting instructions, see [b].

- Mark


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