what can we expect from invokeExact()

Thomas Wuerthinger thomas.wuerthinger at oracle.com
Fri Jun 1 04:33:54 PDT 2012

On 07.05.2012 14:57, Garcia Gutierrez Miguel Alfredo wrote:
>    (Q2) Tracing. We've read the paper "Trace-based compilation for the Java HotSpot virtual machine" [2] and wonder how Graal goes about it (for example, regarding "The Inlining Problem")
The author of that paper (Christian Haeubl) is part of our research 
project and also a main Graal contributor. While we do not have any 
plans to add trace compilation to Graal, we are developing strategies 
for solving "The Inlining Problem" in a different way that involves 
context-sensitive profiling feedback. We are still doing the experiments 
in a side branch, but will start adding them to the main repository over 
the summer.

- thomas

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