threadRegister handling when compiling for other ISAs

Venkatachalam, Vasanth Vasanth.Venkatachalam at
Wed Aug 21 12:31:20 PDT 2013


I was debugging the HSAIL compilation for a  test case involving method calls where A()calls B() and B()calls C()

When I ran this with inlining enabled, I was initially getting an error: java.lang.AssertionError
     at node: 171|ReadRegister%r15
coming from an assertion check which checks to see if r15 (which is reserved for the thread register) is allocatable.

I traced where this r15 value is coming from. Graal is calling a routine HotspotReplacementUtils.threadRegister( ) which is querying the host runtime (x86) to get the thread register r15.

public static Register threadRegister() {
        return graalRuntime().getRuntime().threadRegister();

1) It looks like the threadRegister( ) method should be querying the target ISA (which in this case is HSAIL) instead of the host runtime for the thread register.
For HSAIL we haven't marked any register as being the "thread register". What we are eventually planning to do is to pass a reference to the object that represents the current thread (as a parameter to any routine that needs it) instead of storing a pointer to the thread in a fixed register.

However, we are looking for a reasonable way to get around this issue in the short term. Any suggestions?

II. Some additional questions:

What leads to the above call to threadRegister() is that we hit some code in which processes a LoadExceptionObjectNode:

else if (n instanceof LoadExceptionObjectNode) {
            exceptionObjectSnippets.lower((LoadExceptionObjectNode) n);

As a result of this Graal initiates a NodeInstrinsificationPhase where it tries to intrinisfy various snippets or utility routines in One of these is the threadRegister( ) routine:

1) Why is the LoadEXceptionObjectNode being created for a test case where a() calls b() and b() calls c()?

2) Why is AMD64HotspotRuntime still loaded even when we're not generating code for x86? Is there a reason why it needs to be loaded even though x86 is not the ISA we are compiling for?


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