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Miguel Garcia Gutierrez miguel.m.garcia at
Fri Apr 11 14:21:19 UTC 2014

I've just tried the new command (thanks, Gilles!)

  intellijinit         (re)generate Intellij project configurations

ie, as of

Code navigation, module dependencies, all are ok. 

Only needed change was in Project Structure > Libraries (ie, jars for FINDBUGS, OKRA, etc). 
Out of the box it picks <download-folder>/make/lib/...
Re-directed them to <download-folder>/lib/...

If I understand correctly, the next step is creating build steps via

  Project Structure > Artifacts > Add > Jar > From modules with dependencies 

Regarding that, I don't know how to tell IntelliJ IDEA (13.0.2 Community Edition) to merge difference META-INF/services contributed by different modules into a single one (in the resulting JAR). 
The closest SO questions I could find are not for IDEA (but you get the idea):

Comments are welcome!


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