mx unittest problem?

Caspole, Eric Eric.Caspole at
Fri Apr 18 14:36:24 UTC 2014

Is something wrong with mx? I think this used to work to run tests using the trailing part of the package name like hsail.test or amd64.test.

This is this morning's openjdk tip.

ecaspole at ecaspole-desktop:~/views/graal2/graal [10:26:07]$ ./ --vm server --vmbuild product unittest amd64.test
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/ecaspole/views/graal2/graal/mxtool/", line 4592, in <module>
  File "/home/ecaspole/views/graal2/graal/mxtool/", line 4573, in main
    retcode = c(command_args)
  File "/home/ecaspole/views/graal2/graal/mx/", line 986, in unittest
    _unittest(args, annotations, whitelist=whitelist)
  File "/home/ecaspole/views/graal2/graal/mx/", line 900, in _unittest
    _run_tests(args, harness, annotations, testfile, whitelist)
  File "/home/ecaspole/views/graal2/graal/mx/", line 843, in _run_tests
    for c in _find_classes_with_annotations(p, None, annotations).keys():
  File "/home/ecaspole/views/graal2/graal/mx/", line 803, in _find_classes_with_annotations
    return p.find_classes_with_matching_source_line(pkgRoot, matches, includeInnerClasses)
  File "/home/ecaspole/views/graal2/graal/mxtool/", line 259, in find_classes_with_matching_source_line
    assert pkg is not None

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