method with parameter requiring null check and class cast check

Deneau, Tom tom.deneau at
Thu Jan 2 10:11:48 PST 2014

I ran the following code thru the AMD64 backend with -G:-OptImplicitNullChecks.
So this should generate both a null check and a class cast check on the input parameter.

Below I show the code I got.  See my questions inline below...

-- Tom

    static class Vec3 {

        public Vec3(float x, float y, float z) {
            this.x = x;
            this.y = y;
            this.z = z;
        public float x;
        public float y;
        public float z;

    static class MyVec3 extends Vec3 {
        public MyVec3(float x, float y, float z) {
            super(x, y, z);

    public void runvec3(Vec3 vec3) {
        MyVec3 myvec3 = (MyVec3) vec3;
        myvec3.z = myvec3.x + myvec3.y;

[Verified Entry Point]
  0x00007fc7fc5c8880: mov    qword ptr [rsp-0x14000],rax
  0x00007fc7fc5c8888: sub    rsp,0x18
  0x00007fc7fc5c888c: mov    qword ptr [rsp+0x10],rbp  ; OopMap{rdx=Oop off=49}
                                                ; - at 0 (line 67)

  0x00007fc7fc5c8891: test   dword ptr [rdx],eax
  0x00007fc7fc5c8893: cmp    rdx,0x0
  0x00007fc7fc5c8897: je     0x00007fc7fc5c88fa         ;; if null take path as if class cast did not match...
  ;; odd to have both an implicit and explicit null check here but I think that's related to the GuardLoweringPhase
  ;; thing I mentioned in an earlier email.  If I fix that issue in GuardLoweringPhase, the test instruction
  ;; becomes an explicit null check which goes to a null check deopt.
  ;; But in either case the second null check seems unnecessary.

  0x00007fc7fc5c889d: mov    eax,dword ptr [rdx+0x8]     ;; checking the class of the parameter
  0x00007fc7fc5c88a0: shl    rax,0x3
  0x00007fc7fc5c88a4: movabs rbx,0x100109c28
  0x00007fc7fc5c88ae: cmp    rbx,rax
  0x00007fc7fc5c88b1: je     0x00007fc7fc5c88f3             
  0x00007fc7fc5c88b7: mov    eax,0x0                     ;; eax == 0 means class cast problem, not exact match

  0x00007fc7fc5c88bc: cmp    rdx,0x0                     ;; this third null check seems unnecessary.
  0x00007fc7fc5c88c0: je     0x00007fc7fc5c88cf
  0x00007fc7fc5c88c6: cmp    eax,0x1                     ;; compare whether class cast worked
  0x00007fc7fc5c88c9: jne    0x00007fc7fc5c8901          ;; if not go to class cast deopt
  0x00007fc7fc5c88cf: movss  xmm0,dword ptr [rdx+0xc]    ;; class cast ok, do the real work
  0x00007fc7fc5c88d4: movss  xmm1,dword ptr [rdx+0x10]
  0x00007fc7fc5c88d9: addss  xmm1,xmm0
  0x00007fc7fc5c88dd: movss  dword ptr [rdx+0x14],xmm1
  0x00007fc7fc5c88e2: mov    rbp,qword ptr [rsp+0x10]
  0x00007fc7fc5c88e7: add    rsp,0x18
  0x00007fc7fc5c88eb: mov    rbx,qword ptr [rip+0x1b37e715]        # 0x00007fc817947007
                                                ;   {poll_return}
  0x00007fc7fc5c88f2: ret    
  0x00007fc7fc5c88f3: mov    eax,0x1                     ;; eax == 1 means class cast worked, not exact match
  0x00007fc7fc5c88f8: jmp    0x00007fc7fc5c88bc
  0x00007fc7fc5c88fa: mov    eax,0x0
  0x00007fc7fc5c88ff: jmp    0x00007fc7fc5c88bc
  0x00007fc7fc5c8901: mov    dword ptr [r15+0x8],0xffffffdd                   ;; class cast deopt
  0x00007fc7fc5c8909: call   0x00007fc7fc046bf3  ; OopMap{rdx=Oop off=174}
                                                ; - at 0 (line 67)
                                                ;   {runtime_call}
  0x00007fc7fc5c890e: nop
[Exception Handler]
  0x00007fc7fc5c890f: call   0x00007fc7fc5c8520  ;   {runtime_call}
  0x00007fc7fc5c8914: nop
[Deopt Handler Code]
  0x00007fc7fc5c8915: call   0x00007fc7fc046b00  ;   {runtime_call}
  0x00007fc7fc5c891a: nop
[Stub Code]
  0x00007fc7fc5c891b: hlt    
  0x00007fc7fc5c891c: hlt    
  0x00007fc7fc5c891d: hlt    
  0x00007fc7fc5c891e: hlt    
  0x00007fc7fc5c891f: hlt    

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