Segfault when running compiled Truffle method.

Christian Humer christian.humer at
Thu Jan 23 08:41:28 PST 2014

Hi Stefan,

Replacing nodes with incompatible types in the fields should lead to
assertion failures. So I assume that you did not enable assertions (-ea)
within your test runs, which in fact can lead to nasty crashes.
If you find cases where you can crash the vm with assertions enabled,
please report them.


- Christian Humer

On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 4:31 PM, Stefan Marr <java at> wrote:

> Hi:
> On 23 Jan 2014, at 15:52, Andreas Woess <andreas.woess at> wrote:
> > Otherwise the unsafeFrameCast which you have in PArguments is not
> > correct.
> Triggered by this mail, I would like to mention an unrelated error I ran
> into a couple of times:
> I did not make sure that my nodes are guaranteed to be part of the same
> hierarchy, which resulted during my inlining experiments from time to time
> in nasty crashes that have very strange characteristics when debugging.
> The main reason is that node replacement is not checking for type safety.
> So, you can end up with the type of `this` having nothing to do with the
> method that is currently executing.
> Once I understood what was going on, it was easy to fix.
> But perhaps, node replacement could include a check that makes sure that
> the child field, it replaces the node in, has a compatible type? Might
> avoid confusion for people starting out with Truffle.
> Best regards
> Stefan
> --
> Stefan Marr
> INRIA Lille - Nord Europe

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