One more: Method invalidation for strange example code

Andreas Woess andreas.woess at
Thu Jan 30 13:07:41 PST 2014

Hi Stefan,

I've pushed two fixes yesterday with which DeltaBlue finally stabilized
(didn't try the others). Please give it a try and let me know if you
still have problems.

- andreas

On 27.01.2014 23:21, Stefan Marr wrote:
> Hi Andreas:
> On 27 Jan 2014, at 21:17, Andreas Woess <andreas.woess at> wrote:
>> Hi Stefan,
>> I was able to reproduce the problem. Apparently, the compiled code is
>> garbage collected in response to the System.gc() in your benchmark
>> harness. The obvious workaround is not to call System.gc() until this is
>> fixed.
> Ouch, well, that’s something I wouldn’t have guessed at all.
> I also applied the change to use FrameUtil.getObjectSafe, and now all but three of the benchmarks stabilize completely.
> The remaining ones are now DeltaBlue, Fannkuch, and Queens.
> Will try to see whether that narrows it down a bit further.
> Will also try to reenable the specialization for primitive types for frame accesses.
> Thanks a lot
> Stefan

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