IGV on Windows

christian.humer at gmail.com christian.humer at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 17:09:12 UTC 2015

Hi Raffaello,

This is a problem on Windows only.

As a workaround please goto 
'C:\dev\graal\src\share\tool\IdealGraphVisualizer\' and run: 'ant run'.
- Christian Humer

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Subject: IGV on Windows

>I followed the instruction on
>to build Graal on Windows 7 and the latest JDK 7u79 and JDK 8u45.
>The build succeeds. However, I cannot start igv, as suggested at the 
>end of
>Here is what happens (graal is in C:\dev\graal)
>C:\dev\graal>mx igv
>C:\dev\graal>python C:\dev\graal\/mxtool/mx.py igv
>Error executing 'ant -f 
>C:\dev\graal\src\share\tool\IdealGraphVisualizer\build.xml -l 
>C:\dev\graal\.ideal_graph_visualizer.log run': [Error 2] The system 
>cannot find the file specified
>ant is on the PATH and the two files mentioned in the error message are 
>both present.
>Is IGV supposed to work on Windows?
>If yes, any suggestion on how to dig further?

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