Switching to split repos

Doug Simon doug.simon at oracle.com
Thu Aug 13 21:32:06 UTC 2015

Hi Marc,

> On 13 Aug 2015, at 13:32, Marc Petit-Huguenin <marc at petit-huguenin.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> Beginner questions below...
> On 08/12/2015 03:04 AM, Benoit Daloze wrote:
>> A little follow-up on the instructions, once the `mx sclone` is done:
>> $ cd graal
>> $ mx build
>> The resulting build is in ../jvmci/jdk*/product
> When I do that, the build of jvmci fails because com.oracle.jrockit.jfr.* is missing (probably because I use openjdk).  How can I fix that?

At the moment, you need to use an Oracle JDK.

> Also mx sclone pulls the graal-jvmci-8 repository.  What should I do to pull graal-jvmci-9 instead?

The graal-jvmci-9 repository is not yet populated. Only the graal-jvmci-8 repo is currently supported.


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