Write your own debugger for any Truffle language

Jaroslav Tulach jaroslav.tulach at oracle.com
Fri Aug 14 10:09:45 UTC 2015

Dne Čt 23. července 2015 10:30:48, Jaroslav Tulach napsal(a):
> Hi.
> I am glad to announce that most recent development version of Truffle (e.g.
> 0.9-SNAPSHOT) allows anyone of you to turn debugging of any Truffle language
> on with few easy steps:
> http://lafo.ssw.uni-linz.ac.at/hg/truffle/rev/02e4cf046653
> Enjoy and let me know if you'd like to improve the code, API or
> documentation. -jt
> PS: Universal REPL with debugging capabilities seems just a few keystrokes
> away!

OK, now that we have truffle Javadoc online I'd like to point all interested 
in debugging to 


I'd like this page to be a central place where to go for information about 
implementing debuggers for Truffle languages. In case there some something 
relevant missing, please help me add that. Thanks in advance.

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