No homepage was: Useful documentation was: Truffle repository conversion

Mick Jordan mick.jordan at
Wed Jul 1 14:44:50 UTC 2015

On 7/1/15 6:44 AM, Jaroslav Tulach wrote:
> Right, there is just a small FAQ related to Truffle. Those of us who care
> about Truffle should expand the materials. I believe improving the existing
> OpenJDK wiki to have more Truffle related information is reasonable first
> step. We already have the space, so we don't need to ask for any permissions
> to fill it with useful content.
I would strongly advise staying away from doing more on the OpenJDK 
wiki. I started mxtool there and then, when forced to move it to 
bitbucket, I discovered there is no way to retrieve the markup form the 
wiki. All you can do is cut and paste and start over. bitbucket (and 
probably github) has an editable wiki using Markdown where you can edit 
either using the site editor or pull the wiki (it's a repo), and edit it 
locally and push it back. Much better system. Eclipse has Markdown 
plugin that I have been using for mxtool2 recently.


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