Recording and slides of Graal tutorial

Christian Wimmer christian.wimmer at
Fri Mar 20 01:26:56 UTC 2015


The screen recording as well as the slides of my 3-hour tutorial on 
Graal (delivered at the CGO conference in February) are now available:

Topics covered:
* Key distinguishing features of Graal,
* Introduction to the Graal IR: basic properties, instructions, and 
optimization phases
* Speculative optimizations: first-class support for optimistic 
optimizations and deoptimization
* Graal API: separation of the compiler from the VM
* Snippets: expressing high-level semantics in low-level Java code
* Compiler intrinsics: use all your hardware instructions with Graal
* Using Graal for static analysis
* Custom compilations with Graal: integration of the compiler with an 
application or library
* Graal as a compiler for dynamic programming languages in the Truffle 


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