How can I call sulong from simplelanguage?

Christian Wimmer christian.wimmer at
Wed Aug 3 19:40:23 UTC 2016

I can comment on the SimpleLanguage part of the question: 
SimpleLanguage does not provide convenient built-in functions right now 
to load other language code (it does not even allow to load addiional 
SimpleLanguage source files). That's why the example of calling Ruby 
from SimpleLanguage looks syntactically bad.

To make your use case work, you need to define new SimpleLanguage 
builtin that take a file name and loads it.


On 07/30/2016 04:38 AM, Sidharth Kshatriya wrote:
> I want to be able to use the polyglot feature of the Truffle API to be able
> to call sulong from, say, simple language.
> How would I go about doing this?
> I have additionally filed a ticket on the sulong project at github
> I was not sure about the best way to approach this question -- whether to
> file a ticket or write an email (as the answer will be useful to other
> users of truffle/graal) so please forgive the duplication!
> Thanks,
> Sidharth

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