Java 8 bytecode to ptx

Bahram Yarahmadi bahram.yarahmadi at
Mon Feb 15 14:15:51 UTC 2016

Hello guys,
I'm involved in research project .I want to run Java 8 new features like
lambdas with stream API on GPUs (I'm interested much in Nvidia
GPUs)(Something similar to project sumatra)
I've done a lot of research  but all of them were useless. for example I
wanted to translate Java Bytecode to LLVM IR with openjdk shark JIT but
becouse of Lack of support in Invocedynamic in shark that solution was a
waste of time.
Now I want to use Graal ,
I want to know your idea ,Is it possible ?
I have downloaded Graal from its repo and now I'm working on it.

Special thanks in advance for your suggestions


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