Generating Cuda Codes an finding specific bytecodes

Bahram Yarahmadi bahram.yarahmadi at
Thu Mar 24 10:29:03 UTC 2016

Dear all,
These days I'm working and learning graal and as you know,I want to run
Java 8 Stream APIs with Lambdas on GPUs
I followed  tutorial on the website but It was useless
 I have a few questions
should I change the graal source repository and build it again with mx
build command.For example in which class should I change my modification in
order to change the specific bytecode (for example invocDynamic which is
for lambdas) to graal IR ?
How can I read Bytecodes and convert them to Graal IR?
After that I want to apply come Optimizations
would you mind giving me some hints ? (for example in which class should I
focus and things like that )

Thanks in advance


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