Questions on new Debugger API

Jaroslav Tulach jaroslav.tulach at
Fri Sep 16 10:07:17 UTC 2016

Great FAQ! It should be written into a stone. I am trying that in

> Is extensibility really making it so much harder to design for
> maintainability?

Yes, indeed.

> Since Breakpoint is not extensible, I’ll actually need to manage
> language-specific breakpoint classes on top of that, which implement the
> additional semantics. So, yes, getBreakpoints() gives me some of what I
> need, but, I also need to manage another map to get the language-specific
> breakpoints.

We can give you a way to attach private data to a breakpoint when created and 
let you (and only you) retrieve them back (without extensibility) and be more 
effective than a map.

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