graal + node.js: how does it work?

Jaroslav Tulach jaroslav.tulach at
Wed Dec 20 08:40:23 UTC 2017

Hello Adam,
a small note on performance:

On úterý 19. prosince 2017 22:14:35 CET Adam McMahon wrote:
> But in terms of
> performance, my approach runs about the same as vert.x (if you are familiar
> with that performance), as mine is just a thin call down to vert.x from JS.

This would be the kind of reply I'd use before joining the Graal team. However 
now I have to ask:

- what does a "thin call from JS" mean?
- how fast the JS implementation is?

First of all, from all the Java based JavaScript implementations, only 
Graal.js is comparable in terms of speed with V8. All other ones are 
significantly slower. Secondly, the "thin call from JS" may require argument 
mangling and possibly also inlining boundary. Again, this is something Graal + 
Graal.js can eliminate and make the execution faster.

> ... share my code on github once I get an example together a half-decent 
> example that works well on all 3 systems (node.js, graal+node, node

Of course, the performance depends on the actual usage. Once your example 
works, it would be nice to turn it into a benchmark and measure the # of 
operations per second each version can handle.

Good luck.

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