GraalVM 0.20 Release

Christian Humer christian.humer at
Wed Feb 8 16:13:52 UTC 2017

Hi guys,

GraalVM 0.20 with the latest bits of Graal, Truffle, Graal.JS, 
TruffleRuby, FastR and SVM just landed on OTN.

The bits are from early February and based on Truffle 0.23 and LabsJDK 8 
with JVMCI 0.23.

New and Noteworthy:
* This release now includes the Substrate VM image builder 
(bin/aot-image). It is possible to create SVM executable images of 
Graal.JS using "bin/aot-image --js" and TruffleRuby using "bin/aot-image 
* Instead of a Development Kit and Runtime distribution we now 
distinguish between GraalVM with JDK and GraalVM without. The version 
without JDK requires a JVMCI enabled JDK 8 to be specified using the 
JAVA_HOME environment variable. Please note that this version of GraalVM 
is not yet compatible with early access builds of JDK9.

Get it here:

Next release should arrive mid March.

Christian Humer

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