Error while building JVMCI enabled JDK8 on Power

Deepali Patel deepali_patel at
Thu Feb 23 09:41:29 UTC 2017

Hello Team,

I am trying to build Graal core on Power.

1.       I have updated to allow build on Power:
diff --git a/ b/
index 172609d..de932f6 100755
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -7369,6 +7369,8 @@ def get_arch():
         except OSError:
             # sysctl is not available
+    if machine == 'ppc64le' and  get_os() == 'linux':
+       return 'ppc64le'
     abort('unknown or unsupported architecture: os=' + get_os() + ', machine=' + machine)

mx_subst.results_substitutions.register_no_arg('arch', get_arch)

2.       Next I am trying to build building JVMCI enabled JDK8. However, I see following error:

Generating precompiled header precompiled.hpp.gch

In file included from /pathto/allocation.hpp:28:0,

                 from /pathto/iterator.hpp:28,

                 from /pathto/genOopClosures.hpp:28,

                 from /pathto/klass.hpp:28,

                 from /pathto/handles.hpp:28,

                 from /pathto/universe.hpp:28,

                 from /pathto/oopRecorder.hpp:28,

                 from /pathto/codeBuffer.hpp:28,

                 from /pathto/assembler.hpp:28,

                 from /pathto/precompiled.hpp:29:

/pathto/globals.hpp:143:34: fatal error: jvmci_globals_ppc.hpp: No such file or directory

compilation terminated.

/pathto/vm.make:322: recipe for target 'precompiled.hpp.gch' failed

make[4]: Leaving directory '/pathto/linux_ppc64_compiler2/product'

make[4]: *** [precompiled.hpp.gch] Error 1

/pathto/top.make:119: recipe for target 'the_vm' failed

make[3]: Leaving directory '/pathto/product'

/pathto/make/linux/Makefile:303: recipe for target 'product' failed

make[2]: Leaving directory '/pathto/graal-jvmci-8/build/linux'

Makefile:231: recipe for target 'generic_build2' failed

make[1]: Leaving directory '/pathtoGraal/graal-jvmci-8/make'

make[3]: *** [the_vm] Error 2

make[2]: *** [product] Error 2

make[1]: *** [generic_build2] Error 2

Makefile:182: recipe for target 'product' failed

make: *** [product] Error 2

make: Leaving directory '/pathto/graal-jvmci-8/make'

Building HotSpot[product, server] failed

1         build tasks failed

3.       I dont see jvmci_globals_ppc.hpp in the src tree. But there is another file with name jvmciGlobals_ppc.hpp available in the src tree. I tried to use jvmciGlobals_ppc.hpp, but I get following errors:

/pathto/graal-jvmci-8/src/cpu/ppc/vm/jvmciGlobals_ppc.hpp:35:2: error: #error Unimplemented

#error Unimplemented


/pathto/graal-jvmci-8/make/linux/makefiles/vm.make:322: recipe for target 'precompiled.hpp.gch' failed

  Please advise if I am missing on something here.


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