Christian Humer christian.humer at
Fri Nov 3 20:47:22 UTC 2017

Hi Todd,

Thank you for your interest.
The Graal Python version included in GraalVM 0.28.2 is currently under 
heavy development.
The source code is not available publicly atm, but it is likely that it 
will be open sourced as soon as the implementation is more mature.
We will announce on the graal-dev list if and when the source will 
become available.

In the meantime we will keep updating Graal Python in our monthly 
GraalVM binary releases.

Stay tuned,


On 03.11.2017 21:25:17, "Todd Letsche" <letsche at> wrote:

>Perhaps this is the wrong place to ask, but maybe you can point me to
>the right place.
>The Python interpreter in the graalvm 0.28.2 distribution appears to
>be a modified version of ZipPy.  Is the source code available, by
>chance?  If not, are there plans to make it available somewhere?

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