Performance testing for Graal

Andrew Dinn adinn at
Mon Oct 29 16:37:59 UTC 2018

On 29/10/18 16:29, Petr Tůma wrote:
>> - Where does Graal stand as of now as a JIT compiler in OpenJDK
>> compared to C2?
> I do not have the latest results for OpenJDK right now, but if
> comparison with C2 on Oracle JDK 11 can be any indication, then the
> open source version of Graal is almost always on par with C2, often
> better. For example, with the ScalaBench suite, we see Graal being
> about 38% faster on the factorie benchmark, about 9% faster on the
> tmt benchmark, etc. (all this collected on 8 core 2.1 GHz Intel
> machines with Oracle JDK 11 JVM).

I don't believe that is at all representative of the situation on AArch64.


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