[13] RFR(L) 8220623: [JVMCI] Update JVMCI to support JVMCI based Compiler compiled into shared library

Doug Simon doug.simon at oracle.com
Mon Apr 1 11:05:43 UTC 2019

> On 1 Apr 2019, at 09:27, Robbin Ehn <robbin.ehn at oracle.com> wrote:
> Hi Doug,
>> This change was made primarily in the context of libgraal.
>> It can happen that a JVMCI compiler thread acquires a lock in libgraal, enters HotSpot
>> and goes to sleep in the shutdown safepoint. Another JVMCI compiler thread then
>> attempts to acquire the same lock and goes to sleep in libgraal which from HotSpot’s
>> perspective is the _thread_in_native state.
> Ok.
>> This is the original fix I had for this:
>>           CompilerThread* ct = (CompilerThread*) thr;
>>           if (ct->compiler() == NULL || !ct->compiler()->is_jvmci() JVMCI_ONLY(|| !UseJVMCINativeLibrary)) {
>>             num_active_compiler_thread++;
>>           } else {
>>             // When using a compiler in a JVMCI shared library, it's possible
>>             // for one compiler thread to grab a lock in the shared library,
>>             // enter HotSpot and go to sleep on the shutdown safepoint. Another
>>             // JVMCI shared library compiler thread can then attempt to grab the
>>             // lock and thus never make progress.
>>           }
>> which is probably the right one. I hadn’t realized that a JavaGraal
>> (as opposed to libgraal) JVMCI compiler thread blocked on a lock will be in
>> the blocked state, not in the _thread_in_native state.
> Yes, makes more sense.
> Another thing is this HandleMark:
> JvmtiAgentThread::call_start_function() {
> +    HandleMark hm(this);
>     ThreadToNativeFromVM transition(this);
> Since a safepoint can happen at any time when you are in native, I don't see how using a Handle in native would be safe or correct. I'm guessing you are missing a HandleMark somewhere when you re-enter VM?

Tom, can you recall why this HandleMark was added? Doe we run any JVMCI code on a JVMTI agent thread?


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