What does AggressiveOpts do with my timings?

Regina Anger regina.anger at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 6 05:03:14 PDT 2008

> :-) Too many Steve's. The Steve that answered you was Steve Bohne and 
> his blog is at http://blogs.sun.com/sbohne/ and afaik there isn't any 
> airplane and compiler stuff there though it is still interesting. My 
> blog http://blogs.sun.com/fatcatair does however does have compiler and 
> airplane stuff although it has been idle for a few months. Every Monday 
> I swear I'll add something in the coming week only to see Friday roll 
> around and I've never gotten to it. I don't know how the people that 
> blog every day do it.

Definitivly too many Steve's ;)

I have to admit I did not know a lot about Steve Bone's Blog however it looks cool :)

I know your blog quite well because I am really interested about:
- Tired compilers (hoping that it will make it into JDK7)
- Scalar replacement (and I am still hoping that this will remove some of the memory throughput preassure 64-bit brought)
- EA and stack allocation
- Code cache

Well and thats what you blog is about ;)

Thanks for blogging about your cool stuff and good luck with hotspot development.


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