Stack allocation prototype for C2

Charlie Gracie Charlie.Gracie at
Mon Jun 29 21:05:29 UTC 2020

Hi hotspot-compiler-dev community,

Here is the prototype code for our work on adding stack allocation to the HotSpot C2 compiler. We are looking for any and all feedback 
as we hope to move from a prototype to something that could be contributed. A change of this size is difficult to review so we
understand the process will be thorough and will take time to complete. Any suggestions on how to allow for collaboration with others,
if they wanted to, would also be appreciated (i.e., a repo somewhere).

For a quick refresher here is a link to Nikola’s talk at FOSDEM:

Here is a link to our initial webrev:

Expecting that a change like this will require a JEP, we have prepared a document describing our work based off of the JEP submission
form. Our document has a few extra sections at the end discussing areas that we are looking for guidance on and some initial
performance results. This document can be found here:

Thanks in advance for reviews, suggestions, concerns, comments and issues.
Charlie and Nikola

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