Contribution: Lock Contention Profiler for HotSpot

Andrew Dinn adinn at
Wed Nov 23 16:30:29 UTC 2016

On 23/11/16 16:06, Peter Hofer wrote:
> I finally got around to measuring the change in execution times between
> disabling the profiler in a patched OpenJDK and an entirely unmodified
> OpenJDK. I did this for the benchmarks of the DaCapo and scalabench suites.
> For many benchmarks, there is some difference even when the profiler is
> not enabled. Still, the disabled case was not something that we
> optimized for. I think that most, if not all of that cost can be shaved
> off by revisiting changes to frequent code paths and to the object layouts.
  . . .

Thanks very much for doing this!

Am I safe to assume the y axis measures execution time?

The differences never appear to be very great but a few of the tests
show a couple of percent points which is maybe a little troubling. It
would probably help if you could improve on that.


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