Presentation: Understanding OrderAccess

David Holmes david.holmes at
Mon Nov 28 06:08:34 UTC 2016

On 23/11/2016 8:40 PM, Andrew Haley wrote:
> On 23/11/16 05:08, David Holmes wrote:
>> This is a presentation I recently gave internally to the runtime and
>> serviceability teams that may be of more general interest to hotspot
>> developers.
> That's pretty cool; nicely done.

Thanks Andrew.

> I'd quibble about a couple of minor things:
> In Data Race Example: Using Barriers, the use of a naked StoreStore is
> rather terrifying.  In real-world code it'd be better to use
> StoreStore|LoadStore or release unless the author really knows what
> they're doing.

It would all depend on the exact code of course. The simple flag+data 
example doesn't require it.

> The use of "fence" to mean a full barrier is rather idiosyncratic; it
> confused me the first time I saw it in HotSpot source, and from time
> to time it still does.

Yeah not sure the detailed history there - possibly related to x86 mfence.


> But, as I said, these are minor criticisms.
> Andrew.

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