JDK 9 fails to build on MIPS

James Cowgill jcowgill at debian.org
Wed Nov 30 17:50:33 UTC 2016


Firstly I have never submitted anything to OpenJDK before so apologies
if I haven't done things the right way. I also have no bug number for this.

OpenJDK 9 does not build on MIPS machines and hasn't for some time. This
is due to code in hotspot which assumes NSIG <= 65 which is not the case
on MIPS since MIPS has 127 signal numbers.

I've attached an initial patch which converts the offending code in
hotspot/src/os/linux/vm/jsig.c to use sigset_t instead of an array to
store the used signals. I notice the AIX implementation of jsig.c
already does this.

Originally from: https://bugs.debian.org/841173


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