Biased locking Obsoletion

Patricio Chilano patricio.chilano.mateo at
Tue Nov 17 00:12:43 UTC 2020

Hi all,

Thank you for all the feedback. We've had some internal VM discussions 
here at Oracle, and there is a general consensus that leaving the 
biased-locking code in a while longer will not adversely affect any of 
the project work that is in the pipeline for JDK 16 and 17. While it is 
essential for the Valhalla project that the biased-locking code is 
removed, there is no immediate urgency in doing so. Further, there is a 
general consensus that giving more time for feedback on any impacts from 
biased-locking being disabled is a good idea and will allow time for any 
needed mitigations. So we will defer the obsoletion of the 
biased-locking code to JDK 18 (JDK-8256253), with the expectation that 
it will be done as soon as JDK 18 forks next June/July (JDK-8256425).

Thanks again,

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