Openjdk hotspot build 14.0-b06 hard coded bug found.

Jon Masamitsu Jon.Masamitsu at Sun.COM
Fri Nov 14 22:58:12 UTC 2008

Tony Guan wrote On 11/14/08 14:12,:

>Hi there,
>I think I've found a little bug in the parallel gc codes.  Will
>somebody take a look at it?
>Firstly, after a full gc, there maybe the need to adjust the boundary
>between young and old generation.
>and here in psMarkSweep.cpp, we
>use:			heap->resize_old_gen(size_policy->calculated_old_free_size_in_bytes());
>Then this methods will in turn call:
>    gens()->adjust_boundary_for_old_gen_needs(desired_free_space);
>in this function, we compare the desired_free_space with the current
>free space, and then calls request_old_gen_expansion:
>    if (old_gen()->free_in_bytes() < desired_free_space) {
>      MutexLocker x(ExpandHeap_lock);
>      request_old_gen_expansion(desired_free_space);
>but in request_old_gen_expansion the desired_free_space is immediately
>treated as expand_in_bytes. And in this implementation, the actual

Yes, you're right that this looks like a bug.

Also something that doesn't look right here is the use of
calculated_old_free_size_in_bytes().  It looks like it is adding
room for 1 addtional young gen collection.  Perhaps not a
bad idea but I don't recall now why it is used instead of the
straight promo_size().

>change in bytes is computed like this:
> size_t change_in_bytes = MIN3(young_gen_available,
>                                old_gen_available,
>                                align_size_up_(expand_in_bytes, alignment));
>and then:
> virtual_spaces()->adjust_boundary_up(change_in_bytes)
>So in the end, we have old_gen()->free_in_bytes()+=desired_free_space
>and the final "desired_free_space" is more than needed.
>And after the boundary is moved up (too high), the
>will compute the new space size as:
> size_t new_size = used_in_bytes() + desired_free_space;
>Thus it will shrink the old gen space smaller. So we have part the
>space sacrificed by the young generation out of the old gen usage. And
>the size of this wasted memory is (desired_free_space- prevoiusly free
>space of old_gen).

Yup, we've moved the boundary farther than we
really wanted to.

Are you able to file a bug report for this?  Did you want
to fix it?


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