hotspot-gc-dev Digest, Vol 33, Issue 7

Y. Srinivas Ramakrishna Y.S.Ramakrishna at Sun.COM
Tue Mar 16 01:02:01 UTC 2010

Hi Paul --

On 03/12/10 13:33, Ciciora, Paul wrote:

> ... The
> fragmentation death spiral is a horrible thing to have to watch.

I'd like to see if the death-spirals you've witnessed in the past
become less steep (or less of spirals ;-) with the fixes of 6631166;
as well as perhaps the likelihood of the long-term creep that some
folks (especially in the telecoms sector) see and which you describe below ...

> What we have never had to deal with is fragmentation that happens over
> long periods of time. Several days of running between bounces for
> example. ...

-- ramki

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