Request for review 8006537: Missing initialization of Metaspace variables with -Xshare:dump

Jon Masamitsu jon.masamitsu at
Fri Jan 18 00:00:02 UTC 2013


Thanks for you prompt review.


These bugs have broken the hotspot build so I'm
eager to get them back so will try pushing them
soon.  Other comments are always welcome.


On 01/17/13 15:15, Jon Masamitsu wrote:
>  8006537: Missing initialization of Metaspace variables with -Xshare:dump
> Always initialize _first_chunk_word_size and 
> _first_class_chunk_word_size.
> Prior to b73 these variables were not being used extensively (if at all)
> when DumpSharedSpace was on.  With b73 they need to be used.
> When DumpSharedSpace was on previous to b73 there was not a second
> call to the constructor for VirtualSpaceNode so the initialization 
> done for
> DumpSharedSpace was not called a second time and did not cause a problem.
> With b73 and DumpSharedSpace it is called a second time so the 
> initialization
> for DumpSharedSpace had to be short circuited. This is a workaround. A
> better fix would be to move the DumpSharedSpace initialization code to an
> appropriate place.
> Thanks.

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