8044406: crash in G1BlockOffsetArray::forward_to_block_containing_addr_slow

Phil Schwan phils at dugeo.com
Tue Dec 9 14:33:07 UTC 2014


We've been struggling with this crash for months, so it was with great
excitement that I saw Poonam's patch in

But alas, we're still hitting this crash -- essentially identical stack --
even with the patch applied (to 1.7).  I'd have commented on the bug, but
don't have a login.

I don't have STR, unfortunately, but we run thousands of tasks every day
and a goodly percentage will crash in this way -- so it's very repeatable,
if not exactly on-demand.

I'm very highly motivated to assist in any way I can, if someone familiar
with G1 wants to have a crack at diagnosing this.


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