JEP 271: Unified GC Logging

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Thu Sep 24 12:08:13 UTC 2015

On 2015-09-24 04:24, mark.reinhold at wrote:
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> - Mark

Hi everyone,

I've started implementing a prototype for this JEP and thought I'd 
provide some samples of what I have done so far. Below are a few 
examples. There is more to think about and discuss than what I have 
shown below, but I hope this is a good start. I will post more updates 
as I move forward with the prototype.

Running with -XX:+PrintGC in the current code will give logging like this:

#14: [GC pause (G1 Evacuation Pause) (young) 106M->63M(128M), 0,0089484 

This line is actually printed in several steps. At the start of the GC 
the first part is written, then at the end of the GC the second part is 
written (actually the last part is written in two steps, first the heap 
usage information and then the timing information).

The unified logging framework does not support logging partial lines 
(for good reasons), so I'm replacing this single line with two lines 
logged on the "gc" tag at "info" level. That is, in my prototype running 
with -Xlog:gc will give the following log lines:

[0,743s][info][gc] GC#14 start [young, G1 Evacuation Pause]
[0,756s][info][gc] GC#14 end [111,1M->100,2M(128,0M)] [12,808 ms]

The exact formatting of these lines is not set in stone yet, and I'm 
happy to hear some suggestions on how to format this nicely, but some 
important things I'd like to point out:

- Splitting the single log line up into two lines makes sure that we 
don't get other logging interleaved inside the GC start/end log lines.
- The timestamp decorations allows for nicer tracking of GC times than 
just the duration and a single timestamp (as if you would run with 
PrintGCTimestamps today).
- I'm logging the duration of the GC in milliseconds rather than 
seconds. Using seconds sets the wrong expectations IMHO.
- The GC number (GC#14 in the example above) is logged using the prefix 
support in the unified logging framework. Thus it will be added to all 
GC logging automatically.

For those that really just want one line per GC, I've added a "summary" 
tag. Running with -Xlog:gc+summary will give one line per GC that looks 
like this:

[0,768s][info][gc,summary] GC#14 [young, G1 Evacuation Pause] 
[112,5M->100,6M(128,0M)] [15,697 ms]

This line is printed at the *end* of the the GC. It will be logged with 
one single log statement, so no other logging can be interleaved with it.

Running with PrintGCDetails in the current code give some more 
information than with just PrintGC. In particular G1 is pretty verbose 
when run with PrintGCDetails. A typical G1 log section for a GC when run 
with PrintGCDetails looks like this:

#14: [GC pause (G1 Evacuation Pause) (young), 0,0098534 secs]
    [Parallel Time: 3,2 ms, GC Workers: 23]
       [GC Worker Start (ms): Min: 530,9, Avg: 531,3, Max: 531,6, Diff: 0,7]
       [Ext Root Scanning (ms): Min: 0,0, Avg: 0,1, Max: 0,4, Diff: 0,4, 
Sum: 1,8]
       [Update RS (ms): Min: 0,0, Avg: 0,2, Max: 1,8, Diff: 1,8, Sum: 4,0]
          [Processed Buffers: Min: 0, Avg: 1,0, Max: 3, Diff: 3, Sum: 24]
       [Scan RS (ms): Min: 0,0, Avg: 0,0, Max: 0,1, Diff: 0,1, Sum: 0,2]
       [Code Root Scanning (ms): Min: 0,0, Avg: 0,0, Max: 0,0, Diff: 
0,0, Sum: 0,0]
       [Object Copy (ms): Min: 0,0, Avg: 1,1, Max: 1,3, Diff: 1,2, Sum: 
       [Termination (ms): Min: 0,0, Avg: 0,6, Max: 0,6, Diff: 0,6, Sum: 
          [Termination Attempts: Min: 1, Avg: 5,5, Max: 7, Diff: 6, Sum: 
       [GC Worker Other (ms): Min: 0,0, Avg: 0,0, Max: 0,2, Diff: 0,2, 
Sum: 1,1]
       [GC Worker Total (ms): Min: 1,7, Avg: 2,0, Max: 2,4, Diff: 0,8, 
Sum: 46,5]
       [GC Worker End (ms): Min: 533,3, Avg: 533,3, Max: 533,5, Diff: 0,2]
    [Code Root Fixup: 0,0 ms]
    [Code Root Purge: 0,0 ms]
    [Clear CT: 2,4 ms]
    [Other: 4,3 ms]
       [Choose CSet: 0,0 ms]
       [Ref Proc: 2,4 ms]
       [Ref Enq: 0,0 ms]
       [Redirty Cards: 1,7 ms]
       [Humongous Register: 0,0 ms]
       [Humongous Reclaim: 0,0 ms]
       [Free CSet: 0,1 ms]
    [Eden: 44,0M(44,0M)->0,0B(45,0M) Survivors: 4096,0K->4096,0K Heap: 
  [Times: user=0,07 sys=0,00 real=0,01 secs]

I've split this logging up a bit over a few different tags to give the 
user more control over the output. This can be seen by running with 
-Xlog:gc*=debug. Here's what that looks like in my prototype today:

[0,782s][info   ][gc        ] GC#14 start [young, G1 Evacuation Pause]
[0,799s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14    Parallel Time: 5,4 ms
[0,799s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14       GC Worker Start:          Min: 
782,6, Avg: 783,0, Max: 783,3, Diff:  0,7
[0,799s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14       Ext Root Scanning:        
Min:  0,0, Avg:  0,1, Max:  0,4, Diff:  0,4, Sum:  2,8
[0,799s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14       Update RS:                
Min:  0,0, Avg:  0,3, Max:  2,6, Diff:  2,6, Sum:  7,0
[0,799s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14          Processed Buffers:        
Min: 0, Avg:  1,1, Max: 3, Diff: 3, Sum: 25
[0,799s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14       Scan RS:                  
Min:  0,0, Avg:  0,0, Max:  0,0, Diff:  0,0, Sum:  0,1
[0,799s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14       Code Root Scanning:       
Min:  0,0, Avg:  0,0, Max:  0,0, Diff:  0,0, Sum: 0,0
[0,799s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14       Object Copy:              
Min:  1,1, Avg:  3,3, Max:  3,6, Diff:  2,5, Sum: 75,7
[0,799s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14 Termination:              Min:  0,0, 
Avg:  0,1, Max:  0,2, Diff: 0,2, Sum:  2,9
[0,799s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14          Termination Attempts:     
Min: 1, Avg:  1,0, Max: 1, Diff: 0, Sum: 23
[0,799s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14       GC Worker Other:          
Min:  0,0, Avg:  0,1, Max:  0,4, Diff:  0,4, Sum: 3,1
[0,799s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14       GC Worker Total:          
Min:  3,6, Avg:  4,0, Max:  4,3, Diff:  0,7, Sum: 91,7
[0,799s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14       GC Worker End:            Min: 
786,9, Avg: 787,0, Max: 787,2, Diff:  0,4
[0,799s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14    Code Root Fixup: 0,0 ms
[0,799s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14    Code Root Purge: 0,0 ms
[0,799s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14    Clear CT: 2,7 ms
[0,799s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14    Other: 8,5 ms
[0,800s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14       Choose CSet: 0,0 ms
[0,800s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14       Ref Proc: 2,4 ms
[0,800s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14       Ref Enq: 0,0 ms
[0,800s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14       Redirty Cards: 2,0 ms
[0,800s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14       Humongous Register: 0,0 ms
[0,800s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14       Humongous Reclaim: 0,0 ms
[0,800s][debug  ][gc,phases ] GC#14       Free CSet: 3,5 ms
[0,800s][debug  ][gc,heap   ] GC#14 Eden:     Used before:   17,0M Used 
after:    0,0B Capacity:   17,0M
[0,800s][debug  ][gc,heap   ] GC#14 Survivor: Used before: 3072,0K Used 
after: 3072,0K Capacity: 3072,0K
[0,800s][debug  ][gc,heap   ] GC#14 Heap:     Used before: 110,7M Used 
after:   94,3M Capacity:  128,0M
[0,800s][info   ][gc,summary] GC#14 [young, G1 Evacuation Pause] 
[110,7M->94,3M(128,0M)] [16,562 ms]
[0,800s][info   ][gc        ] GC#14 end [110,7M->94,3M(128,0M)] [16,562 ms]
[0,800s][debug  ][gc        ] GC#14 [Times: user=0,10 sys=0,00 real=0,02 

For example, if you are not interested in the timing of the different 
phases, but still want to know the eden/survivor usage you can run with 
-Xlog:gc,gc+heap=debug and you get this information for each GC:

[0,771s][info   ][gc     ] GC#14 start [young, G1 Evacuation Pause]
[0,788s][debug  ][gc,heap] GC#14 Eden:     Used before: 15,0M Used 
after:    0,0B Capacity:   14,0M
[0,788s][debug  ][gc,heap] GC#14 Survivor: Used before: 3072,0K Used 
after: 3072,0K Capacity: 3072,0K
[0,788s][debug  ][gc,heap] GC#14 Heap:     Used before: 111,2M Used 
after:   97,1M Capacity:  128,0M
[0,788s][info   ][gc     ] GC#14 end [111,2M->97,1M(128,0M)] [16,651 ms]

My intent is to remove all Print*GC* and Trace*GC* flags that we 
currently have and replace them with tags for the unified logging 
framework. As shown with the PrintGCDetails example above it is not sure 
that there will be a simple mapping from one flag to one tag. But all 
information that is currently logged will be logged in the new 
implementation too. Since the decorations include the tags it is pretty 
easy to find out what tags interesting information is logged on and 
configure your logging to show that information.

I'm currently thinking that we should probably keep the PrintGC and 
PrintGCDetails flags since they are very widely used. We could deprecate 
them and just have them map to some -Xlog configuration. My suggestion 
would be to map PrintGC to -Xlog:gc and PrintGCDetails to -Xlog:gc*=debug.

All the examples above are from my current prototype. This is work in 
progress and may well change when it is time for the final review round.

I'm happy to hear feedback now, but I will also try to post updates on 
this mailing list as I move forward with my prototype.


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