RFR(L/S): 8190499 : convert vm.metaspace tonga tests to jtreg

Igor Ignatyev igor.ignatyev at oracle.com
Thu Nov 2 06:27:05 UTC 2017

> 946 lines changed: 490 ins; 216 del; 240 mod;

Hi all,

could you please review the patch which converts all tonga tests from vm.metaspace testlist to equivalent jtreg tests?

as usual, the huge part of the patch is done automatically, the manual part includes:
- creation of fromTonga_largepage test group which includes the tests from vm.metaspace.testlist which are also used in largepage.testlist
- updating PropertyResolvingWrapper to handle empty arguments
- mapping b/w jtreg and tonga env. variables in maxMetaspaceSize.sh
- updating ShrinkGrowMultiJVM to skip empty arguments, needed due to difference b/w tonga and jtreg in passing arguments
- propagation of CP in ShrinkGrowMultiJVM
- metaspace.stressHierarchy.common.GenClassesBuilder class which runs metaspace.stressHierarchy.common.HumongousClassGen and compile generated classes
- adding actions to run m.s.c.GenClassesBuilder to the test which use these generated classes -- stressHierarchy tests which have '-triggerUnloadingByFillingMetaspace' flag
- replacing exit(0) w/ exit(95) in StressHierarchyBaseClass
- vm/share/gc/TriggerUnloadingByFillingMetaspace which is used only by metaspace tests have been moved from tonga/src to jtreg/fromTonga directory 
- changes in task definitions
- clean up in test groups, problem list

PS metaspace.compiler classes are used by some other tonga tests, so I had to leave them in tonga/src for now

JBS: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8190499

- all tonga testlists on linux-x64: http://java.se.oracle.com:10065/mdash/jobs/iignatye-tonga2jtreg-20171102-0054-3914
- converted tests: http://java.se.oracle.com:10065/mdash/jobs/iignatye-tonga2jtreg-20171102-0039-3913

- all changes(uploading): http://javaweb.us.oracle.com/~iignatye//8190499/webrev.01
- automatically generated part: http://javaweb.us.oracle.com/~iignatye/8190499/webrev.00
- manual part: http://javaweb.us.oracle.com/~iignatye/8190499/webrev.0-1

-- Igor

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