Possibility of integer overflow in JfrThreadSampler::run()

Yasumasa Suenaga yasuenag at gmail.com
Mon May 21 12:50:01 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I tried JFR: `java -XX:StartFlightRecording=dumponexit=true,filename=test.jfr --version` with fastdebug VM, but it crashed.
I uploaded hs_err log here:


I encountered this crash on Fedora 28 x64. VM was built with GCC 8.1 .

I checked core image, and I found possibility of integer overflow in JfrThreadSampler::run().
I paste GDB frame info:

(gdb) f 24
#24 0x00007f657a5937b7 in os::naked_short_sleep (ms=9223372036854775807)
     at /home/ysuenaga/OpenJDK/jdk/src/hotspot/os/linux/os_linux.cpp:4076
4076      assert(ms < 1000, "Un-interruptable sleep, short time use only");
(gdb) p/x ms
$1 = 0x7fffffffffffffff

Frame #24 is an assertion which is caused this crash.
`ms` is max_jlong.
JfrThreadSampler::run() calculates `next_j` and `next_n` to calculate sleep time, but it might be overflowed.

So I think it can be fixed as below:

Can it be accepted as a bug? If so, I will file it to JBS and will send review request.



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